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Welcome to The Coin Counter Database!

This Wiki exists to compile a list of Financial Institutions (Banks/Savings & Loans/Credit Unions/etc.) that offer coin counting services, either at the teller window, or at a self-service machine in the lobby. I started this site to help people find these services, either if their bank already offers them, or if they don't want to pay the high-percentage fees of certain grocery-store coin counters, especially in hard economic times. The only other site of this nature I could find hadn't been updated in Five years, and was based solely on internet searches, not on actual experience.
Below is the format for the pages (by U.S. State) to post the information. Please follow the format, and try to concentrate on coin counting services of the respective institutions, rather than other banking services, unless they pertain to coin counting. Also, add in the notes if there are any restrictions on hours that you know of, such as early closing days, or drive-up only, etc.
Thank You!
Please feel free to add more rows to the table, I just started each state with five. To add a row, click the little pop-up button in the table edit view, click on row, then add row, then choose to add it above or below the current row.

Thank you for your contributions!
Let's make a nationwide database of coin counters!
Institution Name
Address/Phone Number
Machine Type (Teller or Lobby)
Fees for Members
Fees for Non-Members
Other Notes
The Bank
123 1st St.
Anywhere, USA
(800) 555-5555
anything related to the machine/service

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