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Territorial bodies of
the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Statistics

        14 regional and 2 municipal statistics administrations (Astana and Almaty cities) are related  to the territorial bodies of the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Statistics. Administrations are legal bodies and act in accordance with the Constitution and Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  
Regional statistic administrations are managed by the Director of Statistics Department which has one deputy.
        Director of regional (municipal) statistic department operates the whole administrative staff activities, coordinates works of Information statistic center,  Republic subsidiary state enterprises, Computing center and regional (municipal) statistics departments. 
  Regional (municipal) statistic administrations exercise the following functions on:

  - realization of some programs on government statistics improvement in the region (in the city);
  - implementation of  information support by statistic data of executive boards, legal persons and individuals pursuant to stated Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  - organization and conducting statistical observations, surveys and censuses according to the Plan of statistical works;
  - provision calculation, conduct and actualization of information statistic data on social economic conditions of the region;
  - management on actualization and support public register of economic entities over the regions (city) and other registers (records);  
  - publication and distribution the books of statistics, statements, standard notes and reviews, other statistical materials; regularly publication of aggregate statistical data on region;
  - control over primary accounting organization and revision the accuracy data of enterprise and organization statistical reports within the power;
  - consideration data on administrative breaches on government statistics questions in established by law order;  
  - work execution with statistic information users, provision with excess to summary statistic information over the region for legal persons and individuals;
  - realization of some procedures on creation of information system and computer and automation  equipments.