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Helping them to Help themselves.

The term "foundation," in general, is used to describe a charitable undertaking established by endowment. Endowment is giving, and famous "foundations" have been set up in the past by single individuals. The Noble Foundation is different in that the endowment, or gifts, are provided by many people - and not a single individual.

How do we help

Picture The Noble Foundation is set up with very specific aims in mind and one single purpose. To help those who help themselves. What we mean by that: It is our belief that "Charity" has, too often is the past, meant giving - albeit giving to needy people, but the "giving" stopped there.

We favour a subtly different approach, best described by the old proverb: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day - Teach him how to fish and you feed him for life".

Now this is where our difference comes into play: Consider this by way of examaple. Say - we lend the money to buy the "Rod", but only if the borrower knows HOW to fish. If they do not - we organise "How to fish", then we lend them the money to buy the rod. Then - as the fish that are caught - it both feeds the family and leaves a few for them to sell in order to repay the loan, any surplus is theirs to keep. Then we can go and do the same thing again .. and again.

We are in business of constantly recycling the money we are given.

We provide micro loans. Loans that are far too small to be of any interest to banking institutions. Loans designed to help a women (and by the way - we ONLY lend to women) begin to develop a "business enterprise". The loans we make have no minimum, the term and interest payable structured to fit the purpose of the loan. It's no good requiring interest paid on a monthly basis when the loan was to buy a calf and there can be no financial yield for several months. A loan could be $5US (although it more likely to be $50+).

In the West we have little understanding of what it is like to have nothing. In the UK, for instance, there is substantial state assistance for those in need. In need means: no housing, no food. In The UK the State sees to it that your basic needs are met.

In the parts of the world where we will be operating - Having nothing - means just that - NOTHING. There is no State help. There is no food for the hungry - there is no shelter for the homeless.

We cannot, and never will be able to, resolve more than a tiny fraction of the world's wrong, but we see helping those to help themselves as a very NOBLE cause. We ask you to help us provide the lifeline, the helping hand, to help folk get back on their feet, after war and / or natural disaster has fallen upon them.

Picture We feel it's better to scratch the surface of the problem the world has and help a few - than stand by and do NOTHING. The more people who do something positive and help - the more likely we are to eradicate starvation, feed families and provide those guys with the dignity of taking back control of their lives. That's our view - what do you think?

One of the conditions of the micro loans we make is that the recipient is prepared to have us take a photo of them, to record the purpose of the loan and publish the results.

With many orthodox charities the giver has no contact once the initial gift is provided. We aim to completely turn that around and we will keep you informed of the project YOUR money was used on. You'll be able to see the person, the purpose and the location. If it's in a jungle - then you'll see that.

There is a lot more to tell you - and more information will appear here as the days go by.

A big thank you to all who have contributed so far - especially those who have asked to remain anonymous