On the Paraestra Tokyo (the gym which Aoki belongs to) website a written message by higher-ups Yuki Nakai and Taro Wakabayashi relating to Aoki’s actions after his fight with Mizuto Hirota on NYE was posted today.

As the leaders of Aoki they apologize to everyone involved and as punishment Aoki has been dismissed from his role as an instructor at Paraestra Tokyo. He will also accept any punishment from the organizations involved.

There’s also a message from Aoki which says that he apologizes from the bottom of his heart for his unsportsmanlike behavior after the fight. He will start over from scratch (don’t understand what he means) so that something like this doesn’t happen again.

Update: Just to be clear, Aoki is still with Paraestra Tokyo and this just means that he won’t be the instructor of any classes there for now. The gym is open for kids (don’t know if Aoki instructed in any of those classes though) so a gym with him as an instructor after what he did on NYE isn’t exactly where most parents would want to send their kids. It’s a natural action by the gym to relieve some of the bad publicity from the incident.