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A hole different world

Underneath the noses of unsuspecting students, anonymous sex is occurring in buildings across campus.

By: Richard Creecy

Issue date: 12/8/09 Section: Opinion
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Media Credit: Nicholas Badger
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Most Aggies pride themselves on the aesthetic appeal of campus. Both antiquated and modernly designed buildings are surrounded by large open cobblestone walkways and courtyards dotted with old growth trees, at least for now. But this lovely campus has a dark side some will find hard to swallow. Often as most students go about their business, illicit and anonymous sex occurs publicly in the very buildings we call home.

A quick search through the personals section of Craigslist might reveal more of this world than readers care to know. The use of study rooms in Evans for sex is better known, but these activities spillover into every corner of the University. To truly realize the extent of what goes on behind closed doors, visit the men's bathroom on the second floor of the Academic Building.

A casual observer might never notice the walls separating the bathroom stalls across campus are made of incredibly hard material, largely stainless steel or some form of faux marble. But a few weeks ago, the walls of the aforementioned bathroom were replaced with thick plastic. In a shorter period of time a large 8" hole along with several smaller peep-holes have been cut and melted into the walls. As early as the eighties, anonymous public sex has been happening on campus, and a lot of it. Even older generations of Aggies know about the reports and rumors about various places on campus being used for public anonymous sex.

During an interview with a professor who wished to remain anonymous, the seriousness of these sexual exploits became obvious. The professor told a harrowing tales about one night in the late 80s, when he and his three young children were in the Academic building and went to use the restroom. Upon entering in the restroom he encountered several males openly performing various sex acts. Needless to say he was mortified. In fact, the older classroom doors that had grates in them making it very easy for one to bend wide enough to reach through and unlock the door for larger "engagements." Decades later, the glory hole carved into the second floor of the bathroom of the same building tells the same story.
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posted 12/08/09 @ 2:35 AM CST

This is one of the most ridiculous articles I've read in The Battalion in a long time. There are way to many ridiclous parts in this article to pick and choose any to comment on. (Continued…)

Tyler Newton

posted 12/08/09 @ 3:26 AM CST

I am a 20 year old junior History major here at A&M; and 100% heterosexual and I had my own harrowing experience with the public sex problem on campus. (Continued…)

Ryan Clay

posted 12/08/09 @ 7:26 AM CST

I could'nt agree more with Tyler Newton, I too have been harrassed by the casanova in the next stall in Evans. I wonder if the University even cares since it is probably not happening in the restrooms that the Adminstration use. (Continued…)

Kedren Reade Sitton

posted 12/08/09 @ 10:43 AM CST

So this person was guilty of indecent exposure, maybe. And not only are you guilty of assault, Tyler Newton. You BRAGG about it!

Another fine Aggie example, ladies and gentleman! I mean the opposite, of course. (Continued…)

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Kedren Reade Sitton

posted 12/08/09 @ 12:54 PM CST

And by your admission, Damnag90, you're just a little nameless wus that gets scared around some people? OK wus, take all of the money out of your wallet and mail it to me or else! I'll get you my mailing address asap. (Continued…)

(1 reply)   Details   Reply to this comment


posted 12/08/09 @ 1:09 PM CST

Very mature, Kedren. As you would say, "Another fine Aggie example."

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posted 12/08/09 @ 1:14 PM CST

This article seemed more like an article to stir up a gay witch hunt masked by a "story on glory holes"

Gays arnt the only ones who have sex on campus, but as soon as its a gay, "oh no", we've got gays on campus. (Continued…)


posted 12/08/09 @ 1:19 PM CST

I think what happened to Tyler is wrong, but I don't think that it represents what really happens in the bathrooms on campus.

Like to article said, this is a supposedly conservative campus, and there are a lot of closeted gays. (Continued…)


posted 12/08/09 @ 1:30 PM CST

Tyler, would it have been so hard to go call the police and report the act? For that matter, simply wait outside the bathroom for the perpetrator to come out. (Continued…)


posted 12/08/09 @ 1:43 PM CST

Homosexuals at Texas A&M;? Not something new. Seeing two men or two women hold hands, now that's something you don't see everyday. There is so much narrow-mindedness on campus and focus on keeping the traditional conservative view that there is no room for the GLBT community to be accepted. (Continued…)

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