Tuesday, 29 January 2008


 PAGES: 192
 RELEASE DATE: 01/08/2008
 REVIEW DATE: 01/29/2008

Akira is a rebellious slacker who does whatever he feels like. But one fateful day he runs into the beautiful young man Shirogane and is given a mysterious invitation to the school at the dead of night. Despite his misgivings, the brave Akira’s curiosity gets the better of him and in one evening he is introduced to a shadow world and his entire existence will be changed forever.

Monochrome Factor is a richly compelling shonen series. Set in present day Japan, Akira is forever changed by his run-in with the dangerous denizens of the Shadow World known as the Shin and the Kokuchi.  An imbalance has occurred between the dark world and that of the humans and Shirogane has gone to Akira for help. Not knowing what he’s in for, Akira agrees and the events that follow will forever make him more a part of their world than the human world he has always known. With the potential of having unknowingly sacrificed his humanity, Akira becomes increasingly determined to help Shirogane fight the Shadows that threaten the humans and restore the balance between the worlds. This resolve becomes more personal when Akira’s friends Aya and Kengo are thrown into the perilous war. In the end, even his friends may have to be destroyed if Akira doesn’t grow strong enough to defeat the creatures that can possess them.

The series contains action, more comedy laced throughout than would be expected, and a rich and dangerous fantasy world to discover. There’s also ample mystery. Despite Shirogane having chosen Akira, the story gives the reader the feeling that we don’t really know the full story about Shirogane and the true reasons for his teaming up with Akira. As the battle progresses, secrets are surely going to brought to the light in this invigorating new series.

The manga holds a lush and slightly Gothic look to it. There are very pretty boys with a touch of Goth to their fashion. Combined with the fantasy story, this is a manga that would defiantly appeal to CLAMP fans. The manga also contains character profiles and comic panels at the end of the volume. 

Monochrome Factor is a new shonen ai series about the World of Shadows, a brave young man, and the dark power he comes to possess in order to help save humanity. Filled with secrets, lush art, and supernatural action, this is a promising new series that will appeal to CLAMP fans.

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