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Dope Stars Inc. "21st Century Slave"
Format: CD
Online date: 3/9 2009
Label: Trisol
Genre: Cyberpunk / Rock

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Here's a new genre, at least for me. Cyberpunk / Rock it's called and it is what Dope Stars Inc. plays. I must admit that I didn't have too high hopes about this one by just looking at the CD and thinking that this was just some Marilyn Manson or Deathstars kind of weak music. I'm utterly glad that I was wrong.

There is nothing weak at all with this album. The guitars are heavy and the cyberpunk-part of the music is really hard 'n' heavy to. I have always been a bit negative about the blend of rock/ metal in electronic music but something is happening and Dope Stars Inc. is a part of that happening. There are being music produced with both the rock/metal element as well as the electronic element and without sucking this happening is happening.

This one is for you open minded people out there who enjoy music to go nuts to. Another plus is if you like both rock/metal and electronic music of course. Try it, you'll might like it!!

/Johannes van der Meer

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