Apokalypse Software Corp. Acquires Simply Elegant Sales, Rebrands as Merchant Wisdom

Zarra Studios, LLC and Apokalypse Software Corp. announced today the sale of Zarra Studios’ “Simply Elegant Sales” product line to Apokalypse Software. Simply Elegant Sales, the point-of-sale application for small businesses, was designed from the ground up for the Mac OS X operating system from Apple, Inc., and with this transaction Zarra Studios has completed its transition to the consumer market while Apokalypse Software broadens its SOHO (Small-Office/Home-Office) presence.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

“This is a great move for both seSales and its customers”, remarks Marcus S. Zarra, Owner of Zarra Studios. “Alfonso is in the perfect position to move the development of seSales forward. With the ever expanding business market for Macintosh computers, Alfonso stands to be at the fore-front of small business software. Along with his existing offerings, Alfonso will be able to provide a wide range of product offerings to the SOHO market. I could not be happier with this passing of the torch.”

“I’m ecstatic!” said Alfonso Guerra, President and CEO of Apokalypse, who corresponds with his clients by his first name on the company website. “This is truly a fantastic continuation path for users of seSales in receiving support and further updates to a wonderful product, and Apokalypse Software in building upon its office productivity focus to more fully serve the home-based and small business market. As more businesses and freelancers have looked into the Mac platform, they’ve been looking for just these sorts of applications to support their business and productivity needs. With the acquisition of Simply Elegant Sales, we’re better able to help Mac users access the functionality they need to respond to their own customers in this tough economic climate.”

As part of the integration into its product line, Apokalypse Software will join the user database into its website to provide current users with updated licenses that reflect the acquisition, and incorporate the feature requests and bug reports collected by Zarra Studios into the issues system currently serving users of the other Apokalypse Software products. It will also rebrand the product as Merchant Wisdom.

“Apokalypse Software is committed to fully serving our clients, providing them with the tools to adapt our products to serve their needs, communicate their concerns and wishes to us, and even direct the progress of our products by our feature voting process,” said Alfonso. “We’re just as much users of our products as they are, and make every effort to provide the best experience when using them.”

About Zarra Studios, LLC.
Zarra Studios LLC was founded in 2005 by Marcus S. Zarra who has been developing software since the mid-1980s. Zarra Studios now serves the Macintosh community in both an educational capacity via the Cocoa Is My Girlfriend (www.cimgf.com) blog and via its current software title, iWeb Buddy (www.zarrastudios.com/ZDS/iWebBudy.html). Zarra Studios is privately owned.

About Apokalypse Software, Inc.
Apokalypse Software Corp. was founded in 2001 by Alfonso Guerra, who has over thirty years of experience in the computer industry, and has developed software for such companies as IBM, Apple and HP. Apokalypse serves the SOHO market with its point-of-sales application Merchant Wisdom; and its productivity applications Mori, a digital notebook package; and Clockwork, a personal alarm application. Apokalypsee is a privately held concern.

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