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Glossary of the Elizabethan word used in the play.

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All about Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar was a great Roman general and statesman both historically as well as according to the play written by William Shakespeare on the same name. The Caesar of history was a gigantic character as can be seen in the Roman history where his life is outlined from birth till death. In the play, Shakespeare has outlined only such phases of Caesar's career as suited the dramatic action of the play. He was fully aware of Caesar's greatness when he makes other speak of it. In the play, Caesar's speeches are not historically characteristics of him. He is made to speak like a braggart. He is shown to be carried away by flattery. His solid worth and genius qualities are completely ignored by Shakespeare in the play Julius Caesar.

What AllJuliusCaesar provides you?

AllJuliusCaesar provides a complete background on Julius Caesar and William Shakespeare.

Summary & Analysis - A detailed summary and analysis of the play Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is given act and scene wise.

Character Analysis - Review of each character's role in the play Julius Caesar including brief analysis of all major character including Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus and Antony.

Character List - Provides a complete list of the character of the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare along with their relation.

Julius Caesar Facts - Know the facts on Julius Caesar including facts on the play, historical facts and also interesting facts on Julius Caesar.

Julius Caesar Play Facts - Know facts about the play Julius Caesar; know when the play Julius Caesar was first printed...

Julius Caesar Biography - A complete succinct biography or historical background on Gaius Julius Caesar including details of all major wars fought by Julius Caesar in the Last Days of the Roman Republic also includes a timeline of Julius Caesar's life.

William Shakespeare Biography - A succinct biography of the great dramatist, William Shakespeare along with details of his childhood, Career life and also a list of his works.

Background on Elizabethan Period's Play - Know how the people were during the Elizabethan Period in England and their reaction to various plays, origin of drama, etc.

Julius Caesar Play E-Text - ETEXT of the play Julius Caesar written by William Shakespeare is available free of cost for reading.

Glossary of Elizabethan Words - A complete list of Elizabethan words used in the play Julius Caesar.

Interview with Julius Caesar - An imaginary interview with Gaius Julius Caesar with fun and real facts.

And many many more related topics...

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Quotation of the Month

  Et tu Brute? Then fall,            Caesar!
       - (Caesar,Act III Scene i)

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