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Photo: Parts of humain chain

13 february 2010.

Looking back & standing up for my Dresden.

Together with a wide-ranging alliance of Dresden organisations and institutions, Mayor Helma Orosz is appealing to all the citizens of our city to respectfully honour the victims of National Socialism and the Second World War, which was initiated by Germany. She calls upon all the people of the city to form a human chain on 13 February 2010 with the motto »Looking back, standing up for my Dresden«.

The human chain is to express the people of Dresden's shared wish to link the commemoration to a declared belief in peace, democracy and human rights. It is to symbolically protect Dresden city centre, stopping right-wing extremists from entering.

For an open-minded city.
Against violence and xenophobia.


Course of human chain

13 february 2010, starting 1 p.m.: Dresden citizens and guests are welcome to join the human chain stretching from Altmarkt to the Synagogue. Meeting point: City Hall square. more information