Friday, January 15, 2010

hitchhiking in velvet

Any aspiring musicians out there are welcome to take the title of today's post and use it as their new name. Go ahead. It's yours.

As for why I look so darn happy in these photos, it was really a matter of jumping around to avoid cars, frogger style. Good thing the outfit itself is pretty comfy. I seriously cannot stop wearing this velvet dolman cut top since I got it courtesy of ModCloth. It's comfy enough to lounge in, but fancy enough to throw on a pair of feels and dodge traffic in.

What more do you need in life, really?

And before I forget, check out this feature at about 2010 trend predictions, where little ol' me weighs in on what I think will be everywhere in the coming months. Enjoy and I'd love to hear your thoughts on my pick!

Shirt: Navy blue velvet dolman cut top, courtesy of ModCloth
Jeans: Light rinse skinny jeans, Bullhead brand, PacSun
Shoes: Black platform studded pumps, Steve Madden

P.S. Check back soon. Video post is in the works, folks!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

down by the river

I was flipping through the Early Spring 2010 Urban Outfitters catalog and fell in love with the cover photo (top photo, duh). Hence, this is the horrible reenactment that followed.

In other news, I've been receiving a lot more attention to my hair lately (probably because I've recently acquired more time to actually care about it) and was wondering if you guys would be interested in a how-to post for my curly/wavy thing I have going on most days. Yes. I'll even entertain the thought of a (gasp!) video post!

Scary thought. I know.

But for you guys. Anything.

(No sarcasm in that last comment. Honestly, you guys brighten my day and I know I'm cynical most of the time, but I really mean it. So thanks. For that. Truly.)

Happy almost weekend!

Jacket: Fatigue jacket, Forever 21
Shirt: White button down blouse, Abercrombie & Fitch
Shorts: Jean cut-offs, random pair of Levi's
Tights: Black sheer tights, Target
Boots: Black motorcycle boots, Dirty Laundry

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ModCloth Blogger of the Moment

Due to the unfortunate dying of my camera battery this morning which ruined my plans of an early post, many of you might have already seen ModCloth's blush-inducing feature on me. Needless to say, I am beyond giddy and honored to be their Blogger of the Moment, as I've always admired the ladies that they choose to feature. If you haven't checked it out yet, here is the lovely write up they posted about me.

But it doesn't quite stop there.

Much to my surprise (after I recovered from the Blogger of the Moment surprise), I received this little dress in the mail from ModCloth, their new This Time Tomorrow dress, available now on their Web site. I think right about then was when I lost it. I feel so completely unworthy of this. Thank you so much ModCloth!

As for how I styled it, because I'm sure you're all shivering at the sight of my bare legs, I first opted for a leather jacket and tights combo. That is until I saw the sun shining outside and decided to don some gams. Immediately after setting up my tripod though, the wind reminiscent of yesterday's tornado reared it's ugly head and I regretted it. Long story short, I can't wait to wear this little number come early spring. It'll be perfect for window shopping, don't you think?

Dress: Racer back tank dress This Time Tomorrow dress, courtesy of ModCloth!
Jacket: Trench coat, Old Navy
Shoes: Black platform pumps with studs, Steve Madden

P.S. If you got some downtime at work and need an online shopping break (who doesn't, right?), check out my top picks from ModCloth here!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

gypsy child

I think I let out an embarrassingly audible squeal this morning when I opened a much-anticipated package from ModCloth. The first thing that caught my eye? This beauty of a poncho, The Wanderer Cape, just screams traveling gypsy child that I immediately threw on my riding boots and headed for a field.

Until the wind pretty much foiled my posed plans. I lost the hat once past the barb wire fence (thanks for fetching it Michele) and actually lost my balance numerous times because of some gusts.

So if it looks like I'm hanging on to my garments to save my life, it's because I am.

How's everyone's Tuesday, thus far?

Cape: The Wanderer Cape by Hot & Delicious, courtesy of ModCloth
Blouse: Button down chambray shirt, Gap
Shirt: White v-neck t-shirt, American Apparel
Pants: Black leggings, Target
Hat: Black panama hat, Halston
Shoes: Tan riding boots, vintage

P.S. Be sure to check back tomorrow. I have some exciting news that I can't quite divulge just yet!

Monday, January 11, 2010

over-the-knee and in some mud

I'm currently nursing these boots back to life after underestimating how mucky the above pictured mud was.

Any tips for cleaning suede? Anyone? Help!

As for my current locale, yes, still in Nevada, not NYC. This week didn't quite work out flight scheduling wise, but I'm shooting for the last week of January. Thanks for all your well wishes for the interviews and while I'm at it, does anyone in the city need a roommate?? I'm clean, love pets (if you have them, I don't have any myself) and just need a little (OK, a lot) of closet space, but that's negotiable. Feel free to shoot me an e-mail! I'd love to hear from you.

Also, thanks guys for the blog feedback. I received quite a few requests for my face sans sunglasses. So here it is. In all it's (goofy) glory.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday!

Jacket: Leather biker jacket, H&M
Dress: White ruffled dress, thrifted, no brand name
Boots: Black suede over-the-knee boots, Topshop
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