Apokalypse Acquires TrackTime From mamooba

Crawfordville, FL, USA - October 6, 2008 - mamooba and Apokalypse Software Corp. have jointly announced that Apokalypse has acquired “TrackTime” from mamooba for an undisclosed sum. TrackTime is the in-depth activity tracker for users of the Mac OS X operating system from Apple, Inc. that wish to have a sophisticated accounting of their computer- or project-based activities.

TrackTime allows you to view your activities on a beautiful timeline. You can view your activity by day or any other period. You can quickly see what matters to you through statistics for applications, music, and websites as well as for your own defined projects. Will all your activities arranged like in a multi-track-recording application. You can quickly see how much time you spent on each “track”. Discover forgotten music and websites in your personal history and enjoy them instantly again. Or see which music you listened to while working on your important company documents or anything else.

TrackTime joins Apokalypse’ recent acquisition of Simply Elegant Sales, now renamed Merchant Wisdom, and its other products Mori and Clockwork, expanding the company’s ability to serve the small office and home-based business market.

“TrackTime is an important and effective tool for professionals to improve their productivity by closing the feedback loop in managing their time,” said Alfonso Guerra, president of Apokalypse Software Corp. “Almost all task management applications leave a hole where they don’t show users what activities they’re doing throughout the day and how well they’re sticking to their pre-planned schedule, and in this hyper-competitive market any percentage improvement in one’s productivity gives them an advantage. Using TrackTime in conjunction with a task manager like mGTD, knowledge workers and freelancers can not only plan out their day’s activities, they can spot small time-wasters throughout the day that hinder their effectiveness and get in the way of achieving their long- and short-term goals.”

TrackTime’s Features:
* Tracks activities based on application, document and project
* Tracks online activity using popular web browsers based on web pages
* Tracks music played on iTunes
* Generates statistics for activities and time
* Set date/time range for reviewing activities
* Edit activity logs
* Enable/Disable logging of specific activities

TrackTime’s Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 Tiger or higher
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G3 Processor, 500MHz or faster
* 5 MB Hard Drive space for app, min. 1 GB recommended

Apokalypse Software reports that it will have the database of TrackTime’s registered users as part of its system within a day or two to provide current users with updated licenses that reflect the acquisition, as well as have a new forum and an issues database set up for the TrackTime user community to request features and report bugs.

Apokalypse Software Corp. Website
TrackTime Product Page
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About Mamooba
Mamooba is a privately held company formed in the UK in 2007 by Steve Scott that focused on Macintosh software development. The sale of TrackTime will allow mamooba to concentrate on some exciting product they have in the pipeline. For more information on mamooba and its products visit http://www.mamooba.com

About Apokalypse Software, Inc.
Apokalypse Software Corp. (http://apokalypsesoftware.com) was founded in 2001 by Alfonso Guerra, who has over thirty years of experience in the computer industry, and has developed software for such companies as IBM, Apple and HP. Apokalypse serves the SOHO market with its point-of-sales application Merchant Wisdom; and its productivity applications Mori, a digital notebook; TrackTime, a personal time/activity tracker, and Clockwork, a personal alarm application. Apokalypse is a privately held concern.


Alfonso Guerra
(321) 948-4786

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