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2009-09-27Voltaic Limited Edition Poster by Cinema Purgatorio
2009-09-09Micachu & The Shapes video premiered...

Here is a first for A video premiere by another artist! Micachu & the Shapes have a new song Turn Me Well which is released 15th of September on RoughTradeRecords

For us MWC of, who have actually a bit of an attention span, remember Björk talking about Micachu on NPR not so long ago when she said:
"I saw her in London, in June, a year ago and I was really excited about her. I thought it was that sort of 'do it yourself' approach, with all these little guitars and her attitude was really fresh… think it's really, really fun. (She)is a bit of a prankster really, isn't she?"
So when asked if this would be a possibility for Micachu it as a straight yes from Björk.

And now Micachu is playing the Icelandairwaves festival in Reykjavík in October, and the video being premiered on is there a connection? We like to think so!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present to you: Turn Me Well by Micachu and The Shapes

 [p.s. The "Turn Me Well" 7" is out October 5 in the UK, and Micachu's album Jewellery can be purchased at iTunes]


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