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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Breaking the Tower is a strategy game which involves careful resource management as you attempt to destroy the stone tower located at one end of an island. Peons cannot be controlled directly, though you can influence their routines and decisions by creating the appropriate buildings which would then assign tasks to the settlers automatically.

Place masons around the tower to bring it down one level at a time, but note that more monsters are unleashed as the height of the tall building decreases. (JavaGaming.org thread)

Name: Breaking the Tower
Developer: Markus Persson
Category: Strategy
Type: Browser


Mini-Settlers :)

Very nice! I dig the clean mini-pixel style.

Cool coffee-break game!

Simple, clean, little slow, but good.

Nice game. The island is shaped like a zerg.

antivirus warning:

Yeah that's a mail worm, but what does that have to do with this?

I could ask for smart AI, but other than that the game seems like a nice simulation with an attractive art style.

nice little game. it would be cool to see more islands in the next version or update, if that happens.

But what this really needs is better warrior AI - they run around everywhere regardless of guard posts.

Ando: I've investigated the files for this game, and found no trace of Win32.HLLM.Graz or any other virus. Win32.HLLM.Graz [http://info.drweb.com/virus_description/95052] is a virus that spreads via .hta [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTML_Application] files, and no such files are included in this game.
The game is written in java, and the runnable jar only contains .class and .gif images. (The source download contains some additional files)

I played it yesterday a long time, didnt finished it. but have some problems that my wood always decreased without reasen? Bug or some kind of strategic thingy?

And a Pause function would be nice

That's a very nice game, especially considering it was done for such a short competition.

It's a bit slow (gameplay-wise) and it lacks challenge but the graphics are nice and it's fun to watch your peons ;)

Crashes after about 15 seconds on my intel macbook pro. Anyone else seeing this?

the wood is used in making warriors

Markus Persson, still virus warning. on www dot mojang dot com also. I think something on your host site, not in your game files

The problem with Wood or Food just disappearing is it is being used to create Warriors or Peons. Also the gotcha I fell for is Warriors are included in your Population. So if you have 30 peons and build barracks until you have a cap of 30 warriors then you have NO peons to do work!

Brilliant game! Well balanced and challenging without being too difficult. Funny that one really don't know how to complete the game, but had to explore!

Finished it in 1:15:49, second try.

The trick is to sell old buildings to make room.
Make one farming area, and at least two big wood cutting and regrow areas (that you put early). Form a perimeter around the tower with many guard towers and barracks,...
Wait a bit before you attack the tower itself (about 20-30 guards).

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