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Five Songs You Gotta Hear for January 27 2010

Posted by: Nathalia Ribeiro | Jan 27 2010 10:00AM

Caesar(feat. Robyn) by I Blame Coco

First up today is I Blame Coco. Coco’s full name is Eliot Pauline Styler-Sumner. As in “Gordon Sumner”. As in the real name of Sting. She’s the daughter of him and Trudy Styler. 

She’s 19, privileged and rather good looking. She modelled for Burberry a couple of years ago. And she sings. And she’s rather good. Coco has a deal with Island Records and a single called “Caesar” is coming out Monday. Give it a listen and try to put aside any bad thoughts you have about her parents.

Stay” by Live How You Live

Alan’s received some interesting stuff in the mail over the last few weeks. Live How You Live is out of Hamilton built around a singer-songwriter named Carm Milioto. Four guys. Voted best local group at the Hamilton music awards. Listen to a song called “Stay” from their current record and you’ll see why. The album is called “Don’t Stop Continue”.

In A Coma” by 5th Projekt

Then we have 5th Projekt. They’re from Toronto and they have a wonderful record called “Circadian”. They live in the spaces between “Kid A”-era, Radiohead, big-sounding bands like the music and the trip-hoppy bands like Portishead. The album is called “Circadian”. The CD comes in a nice round metal box, too. Very classy. Give a listen to a song called “In A Coma”.

Julia” by The Very Best

Next is a band called “The Very Best”. They’re part Swedish, part French and part Malawian. The result is something that sort of sounds sort of like dub reggae, but it’s not. If that sounds intriguing, it should be. Listen to a song called “Julia” and see what you think. The album is called “The Warm Heart of Africa”.

The Robots” by Kraftwerk

And one more. We’ll bring out “The Robots” from Kraftwerk. This is from their 1977 album, “man machine”. It may sound a little dated today, but this stuff was unbelievably futuristic back then. Everything from technopop to industrial music to elements of hip-hop came out of this kind of thing. Take a look at the video.

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RE:Five Songs You Gotta Hear for January 27 2010
Jan 28 2010 9:30AM
I have to add a song to this list. The band is called 'Future Of The Left' the song is called 'A Dead Enemy Always Smells Good' ....picture Queens of the Stone Age meets Billy Talent. remember the name 'Future of The Left' and push this band like it was the last legal drug

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