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January 28, 2010


Spartan 81


Nice story about Izzo Basement with Andy Katz ESPN he gave a tour of all of his championship stuff down there

Skiles, I think this happened before to Green seems to be recurrent nagging problem much like Mateens foot issues.


I'm glad to hear Walton is gonna help out on the scout team. Put some real pressure D on Kalin and Korie.

It seems like our guards don't keep their composure or decision making ability when they face aggressive defense.



On a lot of levels a good thing, but for sure, this will help Lucious a bunch as he was really shaky against scUM.


Zack Randolph was picked for the NBA All Star team! Wow just seems like yesterday that Zack was a Spartan...
He is the team leader with the Grizzlies and he is averaging a double double...
Congrats to Zack for making the NBA All Star team, and for all the successful leaders who are 'grads' of Izzo's MSU program.


Also glad to hear Travis is helping out. Korie and Kalin have a lot of respect for him and I really think their "D" will pick up from him being in the practices. They will certainly benefit from operating against his pressure in practice. He'll be on Izzo's bench within a couple of years.

I hate pulling for Purdue tonight, but gotta do it.

Go Green!

Mike in Holt

That's great news. I look forward to seeing him back.



The move for BVP goes forward. Soon the Spartan Nation will be asked to respomd. Can you be counted?

Spartan 81


Yes I would be honored to respond.
Prace also wants to let you know he was deeply offended by the Wolverine who mocked Brad Van Pelt

We hold the Wolverine in Low Regard.

Spartan 81

Prace, Breadtruck, FMatt

Any seconding motions for retiring the jersey of Brad Van Pelt.


Any update on the Donger, Joe? Word is he's crashing at Casa Izzo as well.


3 game lead!!!



Thank you. I do not recall any negative posts about Brad. In reality there could be none, He was that good. Soon the Spartan Nation will be asked to be counted. I for one will stand proudly for all to see with my fallen Spartan Brother. You will stand with me?

Spartan 81

Yes I will

BVP was a man of honor

scott skiles

Funny pic by Luke! Spartans move to number five in his power rankings.


Did I miss the replacement of Enos?


Hang the jersey. Its time.


Walton on the scout team! Brilliant! You think the intensity just got jacked through the roof? Have a blast, Travis. I gotta say, I really like this move. that's just a good coaching move that doesn't show up anywhere on a stat sheet.


guys, here we go again, just email each other directly...


I don't recall the negative post on BVP either. Two time All American who also went on to earn 5 Pro-Bowl selections...Who in their right mind would say anything negative? I am all for retiring his number.

Spartan 81, I am just an avid follower and die hard fan of Spartan sports who happens to be residing around our alma mater since graduating fairly recently. I only occasionally get to be at our football and BB games. I was giving a shout out just like you were to the Izzone fans to prove themselves worthy of potential recruits (I know Izzone members are on here as we've seen comments from them). I am sure they will respond. Thought I should clarify that I am a nobody :-).

As for men's BB: Folks, we have a clear 3 game margin over the rest of the BT now, thanks to PU :-D (I am happy because Bo Ryan lost not because PU won).

I am extremely happy that Walton is involved with our team again. I for one definitely think that he will make an awesome coach. I hope we see better decisions and ball handling from our point guards from here on out :-).

Women's BB: 3 Wins in a row now including 2 on the road. Fabulous!!! GO GREEEEN!!!


Anyone else notice that when Raymar gets it going, he curls his upper lip and looks like he's snarling? I love that look. Its like "who the hell are these girls I got to play against the look." I bet that MSU is undefeated when Raymar makes the snarling face.




Sorry, Kirk, just because we refer to comments made by others doesn't mean we are talking to each other (at least I am not trying to do that; mind you, I may respond to something someone says here).

Spartyjk, I love that look from Ray too :-) - I called it the "(appropriate) attitude" from Ray when he is clicking :-). I would have to agree that MSU is probably undefeated in the games where we see that face from Ray. Here's to hoping that we continue do so in the games to come. Remember, his confidence is sky-high (his own words). Let's hope it stays that way. GO GREEEEN!!!



I apologize for taken up space but for some, this is the only way to communicate. Any constructive suggestions would be appreciated.


I am all for retiring Brad Van Pelt's #10, a legend, should retire in Baseball as well. Also,
Lorenzo White needs some support to be in the college football Hall of Fame. 2 time All-America and twice finished in the top 4 in Heisman voting. Anthony Thompson of Indiana who played around the same time as Lo White is in, as are others who didn't have his college or pro career.


purdue beats wisconsin. MSU three game lead in loss column.


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