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Киархив - файловый архив провайдера "Релком.ДС"

/pub/misc/sounds/samples/ft2 - Fast Tracker 2 instruments archive.

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0index                  384 27-Dec-2005
README                  743 24-Mar-2002
Welcome to the Tracker Instruments Repository!

This site is the only one left after http://sbis.komi.ru/ti-r/. TI-R project
can be considered "closed".

You can download tirextract.exe (win32 binary) - an utility that helps to mass-unpack archived files. This program just creates a batch file that then must be executed manually.

You can visit RenderXM webpage to get a sophisticated XM module rendering software which has got a great deal of features designed to create a professional work with XM modules (this software is shareware).

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