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Just How Many Bridges Are There In Pittsburgh?

POSTED: 3:44 pm EDT September 13, 2006
UPDATED: 6:07 pm EDT September 13, 2006

The Roberto Clemente Bridge is an impressive structure, but it's not the only bridge in town. In fact, thanks to a recent study, it's been determined that Pittsburgh has a record number of bridges.

Visiting University of Pittsburgh professor Bob Regan has written a book about Pittsburgh bridges using multiple city and county databases. Regan said when he started the project, he just started counting.

"The number of bridges, probably two to three weeks working full-time, it was not a simple task," said Regan.

The criteria for the count was that all bridges had to be within the city's limits and to qualify as a bridge, it had to have piers and a stand.

More than 29 bridges cross the three rivers. There are arch bridges, beam bridges, suspension bridges, a bridge made completely from coral and even a bridge inside the USX Tower.

There is also a bridge that is completely underneath a fountain in Oakland. The Bellefield Bridge was buried when the city filled what was called St. Pierre's Ravine, which is where the new park is between the Carnegie Library and Hillman Library.

All together, a total of 446 bridges are in the city of Pittsburgh, offically the city with the most bridges in the world, three more than former world leader Venice, Italy.

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