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  1. Welcome, @NDAlumni.
  2. Thanks for heads up, Ben(jamin). RT @benjaminjackson: Kevin Cornell homage to Ed Emberley in McSweeney's Panorama:
  3. @Jewelryguru thx for the follow. will check out your wire work.
  4. "It's always better to leave the party early": Bill Waterson, the Ricky Gervais of comics:
  5. Breaking news! Today's "Artist of the Day" certified as the real deal!
  6. Thx Chuck. RT @nopattern: When I was a little kid, only my parents inspired me to draw & create more than Ed Emberley.
  7. Look out, world! RT @brandondayton: I'm no Ed Emberley, but I can show you how to draw a vampire:
  8. Big welcome to @supernovia; thx for the Saturday follow!
  9. @BrokerVic you might be interested in this offering; it's a gamble.
  10. @etrantowski Thx for the mention! You're too kind!
  11. Will Ruyle, our happiest fan yet, rocks the Grass T :
  12. Greetings to all our new followers! @BrokerVic we're glad you made it!
  13. Check out our newest fans rocking the "Make a World" 5-color shirt over on flickr:
  14. @artrox @wendigratz @toddlevin @supernovia Come join us as enter the world of Ed Emberley's "Make a World"!
  15. HOW Magazine's got the bug! RT @artrox: How magazine - Learning to Draw, Daily, who doesn't love Ed Emberley?
  16. RT @BriAnaDrennon: A fresh 15 Questions is up! William Crump pays his respects to Ed Emberley & Paul Gauguin
  17. @grafiksgirl check out our film project on Ed's "Make a World" and miss Emberley books no more!
  18. Thx to Hexanine for a great post: RT @hexanine: Ed Emberley reminds us what it takes to Make A World:
  19. In case you missed it over the holiday, a peek inside Ed's studio:
  20. Happy 2010 from "Make a World: the Film"! Our first post of the new year is a special one: a peek inside Ed's studio