Urban Water Modelling and GIS
Covers all water networks in the city, including water distribution systems, storm drainage and sewer collection systems in separate and combined systems. Fully integrated with GIS functionality.

Climate change

Climate change hits through water

The climate is changing and the impact is first and foremost through water. Some places will become wetter. Heavier rainfalls will occur and the sea level will rise. Flooding will become more frequent. In contrast other places will become drier and the lack of water will have serious implications. Mitigation and adaption is how to address the issues.

DHI is an independent, international consulting and research organisation.

Our objectives are to advance technological development and competence within the fields of water, environment and health.

We offer a wide range of consulting services and leading edge technologies, software tools, chemical / biological laboratories and physical model test facilities as well as field surveys and monitoring programmes.

We are more than 950 employees worldwide.


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The regular newsletter for MIKE by DHI users. It provides tips and hints on how to get the most out of the tools.

News about environment and toxicology
Covers the implications of chemical substances and their effect on humans and the environment.

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