Cosmetics Safety

When marketing cosmetic products, manufacturers and importers may need assistance to ensure correct safety documentation of the product and to ensure fulfilment of legal requirements.

Common issues are: What must we state on the product? Which ingredients are allowed? Must the product be notified with an authority? How do we fulfil the requirements of a safety assessment, and can we make more rational evaluations of our ingredients to save time and money when making a dossier?

DHI has more than 20 years’ experience in assessing cosmetic ingredients and products according to the regulation and general requirements to product safety.

DHI offers

  • Ingredients lists (INCI-names)
  • Assessments, labelling and notification according to the national cosmetics legislations
  • Material Safety Data Sheets for professional use
  • Support in connection with preparing cosmetics dossiers or advertising material
  • Toxicological assessment of products and their ingredients, e.g. for safety assessments in cosmetics dossiers
  • Ecotoxicity testing
  • Assistance in developing an easily manageable system to handle documentation of numerous ingredients

The cosmetics legislation in the EU has developed markedly during the last 10 years and the demands for documentation of the product composition, health effects and efficacy may be an obstacle to some businesses.

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