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The Yacht Design Library of A. Mason

Welcome to the Yacht Design Library of Al Mason, Naval Architect.

For over 60 years, Al's superb craftsmanship, meticulous attention to every detail, and the remarkable seaworthiness of his award-winning designs have deservedly earned Al a place of honor as one of the 20th century masters in the field of naval architecture. Acutely aware of how much pleasure Al's designs have given their owners over the years, his work continues to be available to those individuals who appreciate a quality design.

The Yacht Design Library of A. Mason contains a wide variety of boat designs. While the majority of designs were for wood sailboats, there are also numerous examples of other types of watercraft--powerboats, houseboats, sport fishermen, trawler yachts, motor sailers, etc. for construction in steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and ferro-cement.

Al preferred to design small boats (20-45 feet) that the average individual would have the means to build. Since he did all of his work by hand on a drafting board with india ink on linen paper and a slide rule for calculating, he often spent upwards of six months on an individual large design (35-65 feet). The smaller designs averaged about three months each.

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