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Demoscene.TV on Iphone is available   2009-10-17

Demoscene TV App version 1.0 is available for free on App Store! After 15.02.2010, it will be available in full version for 9.90Euros/year for VOD & Playlists, to support Demoscene.tv, but Channels access will remain free !

Owing to an Apple restriction, 3g video stream is not available but we are working on it. Thanks to Cedric Bresson aka Kor/Wipe for the dedicated Iphone development. Your feedbacks are welcome.

Enjoy ;)

Discover the Demoscene.TV iPhone APP in video
DTV, you make it, you watch it...on your Iphone!

Demoscene TV supports Altparty 2009 for a new Demoscene documentary series   2009-10-24

Workshop: Demoscene documentary series

The Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) will create a documentary series about demoscene. The documentary will be planned at the Nebula Club on Saturday at 14. Welcome to discuss and decide how the demoscene should be documented!

Metapat aka Patrick Bissinger  from Demoscene.tv will start the session by telling his ideas of documenting the scene. After Patrick we will start working on the subject:
- How should the story of Demoscene be told to the audience that still lives outside the scene?
- Who are the most important people in the scene and which demos and turning points should be covered?

If you have an opinion or a killer story, please come and participate! The workshop will be filmed and the material will be used in the document, that will be published mainly on Youtube during 2010.

Conversation about the document: Twitter (#demoscene), Qaiku.com [Finnish] (#demoscene).

Focus on Times Square by hedelmae 
Times Square
Rating :
 4.3/5 (4 votes)
Views : 601
Time : 4m 32s
Release date : august 09, 2009
Add date : august 13, 2009 by Tsr / DTV Staff
Type / Platform : Demo Windows
Party : Ranked 5th at assembly 2009
Comments on pouet.net : See the production's infos on Pouet.net
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