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Welcome to our Presidents Day Web Quest on President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln. You are a time traveler, going back in time to discover facts about these presidents. You will discover that Washington and Lincoln are among our most honored presidents. You will also find that they are our country's most beloved presidents. In this WebQuest you will find many interesting facts about these presidents, as you travel back in time to explore our national history.


The Task:

Our time travelers will travel back in time using resources on the Internet. Each time travel will have a traveling companion to help to complete research in another time period.

  • One of our time travelers will explore the 1700's and will search for information about George Washington using the George Washington Resources.
  • The other time traveler will explore the 1800's and will search for information about Abraham Lincoln using the Abraham Lincoln Resources.
  • Each time traveler will record their information on the Presidential Scavenger Hunt Sheets.
  • Both time travelers will meet back in the 1900's to compare and contrast information about the two presidents.
  • Finally, our time travelers will work together using twentieth century technology called The Ultimate Student Writing Center to present their findings.
  • The Process:

    Read all directions before you click.

    Step 1

    Step 2



    Abraham Lincoln Resources


    George Washington Resources



    Additional Resources and Activities




    Our time travelers will be evaluated using the following criteria:




    This Presidents Day WebQuest was an important project that teaches students to research information using the internet. Students searched for facts about the two presidents that are honored by a national holiday which is celebrated on the second Monday of February. Students have learned interesting facts about President George Washington and President Abraham Lincoln. Students have a greater understanding of why they are honored by our Presidents Day National Holiday.



    To contact the project leader, e-mail Jacqueline Bailey, third grade teacher at Summerfield Elementary School.

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