Best Time Management iPhone Games

Airport Mania First Flight try demo don't let the cute airplanes fool you. This has great gameplay unloading and loading of passengers, filling planes with gas, repair plane. Schedule landing and takesoffs.

Build a Lot try demo is a tad different than Diner Dash, Cake Mania in the regard to having long term objectives and it's up to you to figure out which order to accomplish them. This one 1997 Action/Arcade Game of the Year on BigFishGames.

Cake Mania 3 is a great series and probably one of the best ones. Loved playing this on Nintendo DS.

Cake Mania Celebrity Chef is out too with 50 levels. Make cakes with all different shapes and frosting and bring home that bacon.

Chocolate Shop Frenzy try demo has you making various chocolate connoctions.

Chocolatier try demo is more of a tycoon type of game. Pretty much for the hardcore gamer. Have to travel to various ports around the world and purchase ingredients for your choclate factories.

Cooking Dash try demo has you drag customer to seat them. Take orders to chef to make their food. Serve food to customer. Clean table and collect money. Rinse and repeat and do it fast.

Ranch Rush try demo one of my favorite that has some strategy dipped into this genre. You get honey, eggs, make ketchup by planting tomatoes, etc.

Sally's Salon try demo actually have to give this a nod over Diner Dash in terms of fun. Has you washing customer's hair, cutting it by choosing the perfect hairstyle, blow drying it, manicure, etc.

Sally's Spa try demo really well done time management game ported to the iphone. Putting people in the sauna, giving them a facial, giving a massage along with hot stones properly place on their back, turning on jet bath along with giving a bubble bath which requires you to pick the right one. Manicure too if they so desire which is clipping nails or painting their nails with nail polish. Tons of upgrades available too.

Supermarket Mania try demo play as a stocker in a supermarket. Keep shelves full depending on customer demand. Clean up trash left by rowdy teenagers, alert security guard if they get out of control.

Turbo Subs try demo has 60 levels. Your co-worker makes the sandwiches for you after you give him the orders and you deliver them along with beverages, snacks, icecream and shakes.

Wedding Dash try demo (first 5 levels) is another pc/mac port. Seems kinda hard to see tiny graphics at times. Contains 50 levels of gameplay.

Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam has you working at a Pizza Joint, Mexican Restaurant, Hamburger and Hot Dog stand. To make a pizzle you need to cut up the ingredients with swiping motion up and down and drag them to pizza dough then add spices and put it in the oven. Need to watch when it's ready as a little smoke will dissipate telling you it's ready. Leave it in too long and it'll burn and the customer will leave you with less of a tip.

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