Application Acceleration with Voltaire Messaging Accelerator™

Features & Benefits

  • Drastically improve multicast application performance without application modification
  • Increase throughput of low latency messaging applications
  • Lower latencies
  • Increased Packet Per Second (PPS) rates
  • Improved CPU utilization
  • Provide direct hardware access to the InfiniBand network for all multicast traffic

Voltaire Messaging Accelerator™ is a software solution that dramatically improves the performance of multi-cast applications running on InfiniBand fabrics by enabling application acceleration.

Voltaire Messaging Accelerator boosts performance for message based applications such as those found in financial service environments that use Wombat and Reuters RMDS. The result is a reduction in latency by as much as 50% and an increase in application acceleration and throughput per server as compared to applications running on standard Ethernet interconnect networks.

This solution lowers latency and increases transactions per second for a wide-array of applications including medical imaging, radar and other data acquisition systems. Voltaire Messaging Accelerator can improve performance of any application that makes heavy use of multicast and requires high packets per second rates, low data distribution latency, low CPU utilization or increased application scalability.

Microseconds are Megabucks

The accelerating pace of fast-moving business environments and the rapid growth of associated data streams are causing a high-speed race to systems that can provide a competitive edge. Every millisecond in application latency alone can result in the gain or loss of millions of dollars per year to a large financial services firm. In order to avoid latency induced application bottlenecks, a server interconnect with high performance bandwidth and latency characteristics is necessary. Companies looking to gain an edge are turning to high performance application accelerated systems powered by Voltaire Messaging Accelerator running over a server interconnect that leverages InfiniBand’s 20 Gb/s bandwidths, microsecond latencies and Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) capabilities. This solution enables companies to obtain new levels of application performance.

Drastically Reduce Messaging Latency without Modifying Applications

The Voltaire Messaging Accelerator Library is a dynamically linked user space Linux library for offloading multicast traffic. Applications that communicate with UDP Multicast sockets use the library to offload network processing from a server’s CPU directly to an InfiniBand network interface card (HCA) without going through the kernel and IP stack. Voltaire Messaging Accelerator increases maximum packet rates, provides consistently lower messaging latency and gives CPU cycles back to the application. Voltaire Messaging Accelerator improves application performance by orders of magnitude by enabling application acceleration without modifying application code.

High-Level Architecture Diagram

Application Acceleration with VMA


Great candidates for Voltaire Messaging Accelerator include:

  • Market data feed handler software that consumes multicast data feeds and use multicast as a distribution mechanism
  • Messaging applications that produce or consume large amounts of multicast data including applications that utilize messaging middleware
  • Caching/data distribution applications that utilize multicast for cache creation or to maintain data state
  • Any application that makes heavy use of multicast and requires high packets per second (pps) rates, low data distribution latency, low CPU utilization or increased application scalability.