F1 testing pictures: 12th February

12 February 2010 by Keith Collantine
Lucas di Grassi took the modified Virgin out for more laps

Lucas di Grassi took the modified Virgin out for more laps

Pictures from day three of F1 testing at Jerez below:

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16 responses to F1 testing pictures: 12th February

  1. Pengo says:

    Vettel, thank you, it’s about time…

  2. Peter says:

    Every time I see Barrichello he is being passed by someone else. Is the Williams slower on the straight?
    Are there any speedtraps?

  3. Scribe says:

    Wow are they ever going to run that McLaren without bits attached. Check it thrice huh? An I know I shouldn’t be worried, but I really hope it’s everyone else whose missed a trick.

  4. Peter says:

    Can you try to take a picture of the wheelnuts of Massa?
    Rumour is they are gold coloured.

  5. Sush Meerkat says:

    The more I look at that Renault the more I like it, how did they make it so small?

    The W wing is different too.

  6. three4three says:

    Anyone know what that thing is under the VR-01’s nose (between the wheels)?
    It can be seen clearly in the first Virgin pic above.

  7. Bien says:

    So I have a question about Pedro de la Rosa’s banner picture. The “You will never race alone, Nippon Ichi” part… I’m guessing that’s referring to Kobayashi. Anyone have any insight as to what they might mean by it?

    • LookingSpiffy says:

      Wasn’t de la Rosa a champion of a lower formula series in Japan? I presumed the ‘Nippon Ichi’ referred to his success there.

      • three4three says:

        That’s what I got from that, ‘Nippon Ichi’ of course means Japan’s number 1. They made a proper effort with that banner tho, not just a bed sheet with spray paint like the Alonso ones.

  8. Lenny says:

    Did you take these pictures yourself keith?

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