NOS Race Formula Octane Booster

Highest priced octane booster tested to date.

STP Octane booster mmt

When mixed in a 60:1 ratio of fuel to additive the NOS averaged a RON reading of 102.8 and a MON rating of 92.5.  Giving NOS in a concentration of 60:1 an AKI of 97.6 when mixed with 93 pump fuel.

When used an a concentration of 20:1, over the recommended maximum, 102.6 RON was achieved with a MON of 93.1 giving it a AKI of 97.8.  

The results from the NOS booster seemed a little off, but they were later confirmed.  No matter what concentration used NOS would not boost 93 pump over 98 octane.  
STP octane test results

All testing was preformed on a Shatox meter and later validated via a knock engine
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