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Inside City Hall Part 2



The second half of my interview with Dominic Carter brought up some interesting points. Being a New York based television show, he asked me what I thought of Governor Patterson, the Governor of New York.  As I’ve gotten to know him, I can say he’s smart, sharp and street-wise, and I expect that he will handle the problems that this state has for him and very well.

Dominic did a word-association test on me with some well-known names in New York (and nationwide for that matter), and here were some of my comments:

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City:  Michael Bloomberg is a friend, a great mayor, and he’s done an amazing job for the city. The other thing I mentioned is that he doesn’t want, or need, my contribution or your contribution. Regarding  his running for a third term, I think the ultimate term limit would be to vote someone out. He’s done great things for the city and will continue to do so.

Hillary Clinton:  Hillary is smart, tough and a very nice person, and so is her husband. Bill Clinton was a great President. They are fine people. Hillary was roughed up by the media, and it was a tough campaign for her, but she’s a great trouper. Her history is far from being over.

Rudy Giuliani:  Rudy got the city started toward greatness.

Ray Kelly (Police Commissioner of New York City):  Ray is a great leader who has done a fantastic job. The city has the lowest crime rate ever since he’s been in charge.

Sarah Palin:  Romney would have been a better choice, but she revived interest in the Republican Party.

We also discussed Freedom Tower, and the World Trade Center. The Twin Towers were iconic. They were not great architecture, but when they went down, everyone loved them. To me, Freedom Tower is like a white elephant. There’s no market right now. My idea was that we should build two towers, make them one story taller than the original towers, but stronger. The ultimate signal would have been sent out. The New York Post received more letters than ever about that idea, it was very popular. But now? Freedom Tower will provide 10 million square feet of office space when the city is experiencing vacancy in business buildings.

All in all, it was a great interview, and we can continue to expect insightful coverage from Dominic Carter.

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[-] Posted by member1897401 on 12/03/2008 12:01 AM
Dear Mr. Trump,

I am writing to you in reference to your interesting yet always challenging opinions. You are amazing how you are always up for a deep discussion, and you always seem to make things seem so cut and dry, when most haven't even understood the problem when you already have the answer. I find you to be most enjoyable and listening to you is like hearing a well oiled machine.

Mr. D. Trump,

I am going to step out of line for a moment because none of your staff would relay a message to you for me I can't imagine why ? lol Maybe because I am somebody to someone but a nobody to you.

I know your world does not revolve the same way my world does, and I also know how big you are about Christmas. May I have the opportunity to explain please ?

I have always been a single parent of one daughter I was married for only a year before domestic violence destroyed my world.

I finally survived raising my daughter alone, but I must admitt, you were a very big inspiration to me. You never gave up and always found a way to get what you needed and what you wanted. That is what has pushed me to survive all this time.
After finding my hero my father dead in his house from a heart attack 4 days after the fact, then my mother died 2 years later,then I inherited this very small I mean small condo with a mortgage of 57,000 left on it but thats not all I inherited I also have my mothers mother who is blind and can barely walk she also lives with me. I am havig a very difficult time making anything out of my life. I promised my mother on her dying bed I would not allow her mother or her to go into a nursing home, and I have kept that promise thus far, but now my car has over 100,000 miles on it it is a ford tarus 2001 and its on its last leg. would you be interested in buying this vehicle from me, sort of like a charity auction if you know what I mean. I lost my job, and this car cant take me anywhere to even apply for work, and it is so cold out to walk. I am 43 years old survivor of cancer myself and I could really use a Christmas Miracle. I kmow how much you loved Christmas as a child, and I know when it comes to the elderlly you have such a big heart. My grandmother would love to be able to save enough money to come stay at your hotel, but she also has a small trained dog thats always with her she would never leave home. Maybe someday if she saves enough from her social security check she is 89 on Saturday Dec 6th and she is always saying what a good man you are, she is the one who told me so many things about you. Mr. Trump if you see this message and read this please look deep into your heart and please feel free to see that all I wrote is true, would you help me just this once, to get a start so I can find a job and have a good reliable safe car to drive, so I can pay this mortgage and take care of ,y grandmother the way she should be. I know this page is not for this, and I have never lowered my pride to ask for help before but I am at a dead end, and I will do anything to keep from loosing this home that was my mothers and so that I can keep my grandmother out of a nursing home. You may contact me I am sure you have the e mail address . I know you say why me ? why is this stranger asking me for help ? Because I believe in you to be different you have never been a selfish man and you always say you dislike a liar well Sir i am telling you all truth here, and again I too believe in miracles just as you do especially around Christmas Time.alonzasgrl
[-] Posted by member1897460 on 12/03/2008 8:34 AM
I admire the determination behind the idea ... "we should build two towers, make them one story taller than the original towers, but stronger. The ultimate signal would have been sent out." Some may argue it would be an inviting target, but I think it reflects the American spirit at heart - to rebuild and show a sign of strength and resolve.
[-] Posted by Rachael Sutton #1253595 on 12/03/2008 11:04 AM
Regarding Mr. Trumps interview, Jennie Jerome Churchill once said "Treat your friends as you do your pictures, and place them in their best light." I think that is a wise thing to remember anytime you are asked about others. Find strengths and build on them. Then, if you can't find anything good to say, "No Comment" is enough, because your energy is better focused somewhere else.

Regarding member #1897401, your past experience doesn't have to define you, but as long as you see yourself as a victim - instead of a survivor - you will always be in crisis situations. The situation you have described will only be overwhelming if you focus on the problems instead of the solutions, and you do have solutions available to you. The challenge is to identify what you can do. Have you checked to see what it will cost to fix the car? Have you called around to see who buys scrap metal or autos for salvage and how much they will pay you for them? Regarding the cold and walking, I am a 50 year old woman, and for the past 3-1/2 years, I have worked outside in that cold nearly every day, in Michigan. Look at the benefits of walking for your own health. Consider the benefits of fresh air and natural light. All you have to do is bundle up. My mother hasn't owned a car since I was a baby, and walking in all kinds of weather never hurt her - it won't hurt you to put effort into your own life. Life is hard, and everyone has challenges to face. Live your own life.

All you have listed are reasons why you can't do something instead of reasons why you can, and the truth is that you are where you are because of each little choice you made up to this point. If you don't like where you are, the good news is you can change directions today. Now, get out your phone book, or better yet, go on-line, and check out your local support services. There should be several places that help with food, churches, Angel Food Ministries, food pantries, soup kitchens, Salvation Army. Goodwill Industries can help with jobs. You should be able to locate a clothing bank. Most important, check out mental health services to see if you can get a counselor who can help encourage you and put you in touch with the other available resources in your community. It sounds like you are still grieving, and haven't fully recovered from your past.
[-] Posted by Cheryle on 12/03/2008 11:58 AM
There are so many people who look for gossip and bad things to say about our leadership,. It's like music to my ears to hear something beautiful for a change.

All of the people in the word association interview are making a difference in the lives of people they have never met , or got to know because of business or charity concerns.

Like you, they have had more than enough critics "bad mouth" them. And like you, they have endured with dignity and respect.

Sometimes the critics are funny and it makes people laugh. Governor Palin did wonders for the ratings of Saturday Night Live during the debates.

And you have to admit, Jay Leno's jokes about Hillary are laughable. But then again, he makes fun of a lot of other famous people too. I think it's all in good fun.

May we all get to laugh more than we cry. The buildings that came down are nothing compared to the pain that was caused for so many people that day.

Two more new buildings in New York City won't make a difference. What they represent will. You have what it takes to build them into something beautiful, enduring, and awesome. They would represent the true American Spirit. So what's the problem? It's not like you don't have the experience, money, or passion to leave the City of New York a legendary work of art.
[-] Posted by Business 2000 on 12/04/2008 12:18 PM
That was a great artilcle.

However, were the Twin Towers more than just "Freedom Rings." It was a horrific day that we, as a nation should and will never forget. Let them re-new a legacy of inspired hope, freedom and the pursuit of happiness in Americaa...with a new inspred and it's remberance of the 911 famlies with a new Twin Tower. Maybe, revise and rebuild in honor. Stand strong.

Never forget ..The Twin Towers are eched in our nations minds fore-ever. Seven years past and still not understanding the new vision of theTwin Towers.
[-] Posted by Rachael Sutton #1253595 on 12/05/2008 12:48 PM
In previous comments about apprentices, you indicated that emphasizing IQ sets you apart from the team negatively, but you didn't really go into why this is so. I would like to explore this a bit. So here's some theory.

IQ is mostly what you are born with - although you can influence it a bit through mental excercise and learning. It is like looks or body type. People take a lot of pride in all of these things when they are actually just gifts from your parents, andwhat is much more important is what you do with them.

So, if IQ is part of the whole birth package, why does it cause such resentment? Maybe in some cases it is the arrogance displayed by some individuals in boasting about the actual number. In working with troubled youth, I know there is more.

It doesn't matter whether you are talking experience, wisdom, education, knowledge or ability of any sort, if you have more than the other person, and they are cognitive enough to observe that, it occassionally leaves them feeling they are less, even if you underplay what you are. Some people equate this with failure, and they lose face because they are measuring themselves against you. When they feel "stupid" "unskilled" or "inadequate" because they are in a whole different ball park than you, sometimes, they become very negative and destructive in a team setting or individually. So if you know you have brain power, the trick is to learn how to build theirs. Sometimes influence is more effective than power.

One of the most enlightening books I ever read was The 48 Laws of Power, by Robert Greene. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it. Each chapter stands alone.
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