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Last Update:
December 10, 2008

Shortcut Icon Dec 10, 2008 until Jan 30, 2009
    The QBasic Station needs a browser shortcut button! You know, the little icon that goes in front of the URL and the favorites link? Here's your chance to design one!

    The image must be 16x16 pixels and should be in BMP format. Upload it to your My Files page and select the "Competitions" category. If you'd like, give a little description why you think your icon should win.

    I will be choosing the new icon at the end of January.

REWARD: 50 points

Recent Additions
QBS Games (feature) NEW! Dec 3, 2008
    The points system on the QBasic Station is being revamped to be a little more interesting. The first installment is the QBS Games page. Right now, only the quiz is operational, but as things develop, there will be more ways of earning points.

You can add your own questions to the quiz too, so get creative and try to come up with some good brain-racking QB trivia questions.
Farewell to DOS (song) NEW! November 25, 2008
    Since DOS has all but disappeared from practical use, I decided to write a farewell song for the pioneer of computer operating systems.
MoonBugs: Respawned (Game) September 10, 2007
    In honor of the 1983 game by Windmill Software, I have recreated and improved this unique game. You are a mobile turret defending the mines from the attacking moonbugs, who try to carry off the cargo.
QBasic Nerd (Music Video) Oct 15, 2006
    And now, the video you have all been waiting for is finally here and actually available for download! The QBasic Nerd will make you wish that you were geek as cool as this guy. Hosted by YouTube (you can also search for QBasic Nerd to find it).

Recent Member Uploads
by fatman2021
    A 3D Demo made using QB64 and Daz Studio 3.0
by fatman2021
    A QB64 port of a Georgian Orthodox YouTube Video(
by Clippy
    A fast SCREEN 13 bitmap loader that uses InterruptX. Included code shows how to Open, Read and Close Binary or Random files. The Open procedure returns a DOS file handle if a filename is found. The ha...
by fatman2021
    A QB64 port of the Crazy frog 2008 YouTube video (
JBender's Category Selected)
by JBender
    This is my first QBasic program, which I started working on immediately after completely my first tutorial. It is a very simple random lottery predictor, designed for a powerball-style lottery (five n...

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