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Darrel Miller: the No Big Banks Repulican

February 3, 2010     A big THANK YOU to everyone who looked at the website and those who voted
for me yesterday in the election.  Best wishes to each of you.       Darrel

How many times do candidates for office identify themselves with one primary issue?   Not very often.                      But sometimes to make a difference, you have to narrow your focus and concentrate on fewer things.

This is my focus:

“Why do we need banks that are too big to fail?”

“We don’t.”

In the fall of 2008, our largest financial institutions required hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars to prevent their failures from destroying our financial system. There is a major argument raging among senior economic policy-making circles:

“Should our biggest banks be broken up, or can they be safely re-regulated into permanently good behavior?”

Currently, those arguing for downsizing our few biggest banks are losing the debate.  Is it because that position lacks merit?  No.  It is because our biggest financial institutions are too politically and economically powerful to confront.

I offer my candidacy as a means for the people of the 11th district to say to lawmakers in Washington, “There is popular support to downsize our biggest banks.  We will support your efforts  to rein them in.”
Check out What Economists Say below.

For Darrel’s response to President Obama’s January 21, 2010 proposal, click on On the Hill.

February 1, 2010 – The day before the election…check out these articles by Volker and Krugman that
appeared over the weekend.  Paul Volker NYT,   Paul Krugman NYT

What’s the Problem What’s in the News What’s on the Hill What the Economists say
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