Official Allan Holdsworth Solo Releases

Against The Clock Then! All Night Wrong
FLATTire The Sixteen Men of Tain None Too Soon
Hard Hat Area Wardenclyffe Tower Secrets Sand
Atavachron Metal Fatigue Road Games

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Other Official Releases Allan Appears on

Gordon Beck
The Things You See
1980 Disques
With A Heart In My Song
1988 Disques

Jack Bruce
A Question Of Time
1989 Epic

Bill Bruford
Feels Good To Me
1977 Editions
One Of A Kind
1979 Polydor
Hell's Bell's
1980 EG
Master Strokes
1986 EG

Stanley Clarke
If This Bass Could Only Talk
1988 CBS/Port
The Collection
1990 Castle

Come Together
Guitar Tribute To The Beatles
1993 NYC

Cymbiosis Magazine
Volume 1 #1
1986 Cymbiosis
Volume 2 #2
1988 Cymbiosis

Enigma Variations
Enigma Variations 1985 Enigma
Volume 2 1987 Enigma

Frank Gambale
Truth In Shredding
1990 Legato

Pierre Moerlen's Gong
1976 Virgin
1977 Virgin
Expresso 2
1978 Arista
Time Is The Key
1979 Arista
Wingful Of Eyes
1986 Virgin

Suffer 1995 Lolo

Guitar On The Edge
Volume 1 1992 Guitar on the Edge
Volume 2 1992 Guitar on the Edge

Gorky Park
Stare 1996 MIR

Guitar's Practicing Musicians
Play That Funky Music 1989 Guitar

Stuart Hamm
Radio Free Albemuth 1988 Relativity

Steve Hunt
From Your Heart And Your Soul 1997 Spice Rack

Jon St. James
Trans-Atlantic 1984 EMI America
Fast Impressions 1986 Enigma

Anders Johansson & Jens Johanson
Heavy Machinery 1996 Heptagon

Change Of Address 1986 Arista

Level 42
Guaranteed 1991 RCA

Andrea Marcelli
Silent Will 1990 Verve/Forecast
Oneness 1992 Verve/Forecast

Alex Masi
Attack Of The Neon Shark 1989 Enigma/Metal Blade

Esther Phillips
Capricorn Princess

Jean-Luc Ponty
Enigmatic Ocean 1977 Atlantic

Individual Choice 1983 Atlantic
Le Voyage - The Jean-Luc Ponty Anthology 1996 Rhino
The Very Best Of Jean-Luc Ponty 2000 Rhino

Soft Machine
Bundles 1975 EMI
Triple Echo 1977 Harvest/EMI
Land Of Cockayne 1981 EMI
The Untouchable 1990 Castle
Best Of The Harvest Years See For Miles

Soft Works
Abracadabra 2003 Universal

Soma 1986 Occidental

Strange Advance
The Distance Between 1988 EMI
Worlds Away & Back 1991 EMI Music Canada

Steve Tavaglione
Blue Tav 1990 Creatchy Japan

Up and On 1973 Bronze

U.K. 1978 EG/Polydor
In The Dead Of Night 1978 Polydor
Radio Special 1978 Polydor

Carl Verheyen
No Borders 1988 Chase Music Group

Chad Wackerman
Forty Reasons 1991 CMP
The View 1993 CMP

John Wetton
Kings Road 1987 Editions EG

Tony Williams
Believe It! 1975 Columbia
Snake Oil/Red Alert 1975 Columbia
Million Dollar Legs 1976 Columbia
The Best Of Tony Williams 1980 Columbia
The Collection 1992 Columbia/Legacy

Various Artists
Contemporary Jazz Masters 1990 Columbia
CMPler 2 1992 CMP
Jazz Fusion Volume 2 1997 Rhino
Meltdown 1997 Rykodisc
Asia/U.K. Compilation 1997 Resurgence
Guitar Zone 1998 Times Square
Fusion 101 1999

Highway Star 2009 SnewYou.Com

Gordon Beck Sunbird
Ian Carr Belladonna
Gong Live Gazeuse
Allan Holdsworth
Just for the Curious
Allan Holdsworth
Velvet Darkness
Iggin Bottom
Iggin Bottom's Wrench
Nucleus Direct Hit
John Stevens Touching On
John Stevens Re Touch
Jeff Watson Lone Ranger

A list of UNOFFICIAL Releases
I had nothing to do with them.
They are either mislabeled or bootlegs!

Best Works Collection
IOU Live
Paz Love in Peace
Pieces 1&2


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