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The Wolfhounds squadron traces its history from the 32nd Pursuit Squadron at Kelly Field, Texas, constituted on December 1939. After the attack on Pearl Harbor, the 32 squadron flew daily intercept and submarine missions throughout the Caribbean. In the waning years of World War II the unit was reassigned to France Field, Panama, to defend the Panama Canal Zone.

In 1954 the Dutch government accepted the American offer to deploy a squadron of combat aircraft to the Netherlands to contribute to Dutch air defense within the context of NATO. The home base of the squadron became Soesterberg Air Base wich is also known as Camp New Amsterdam. Over the years the Wolfhounds flew and maintained a variety of fighters.

With the end of the Cold War a major force draw down occurred in Europe, the USAF reduced its fighter force structure. These changes affected the 32nd Fighter Squadron (FS) and the squadron was redesigned the 32nd Air Operations Squadron (AOS) and reassigned to Ramstein Air Base in Germany. On the 1st of November 2005 the USAF inactivated the 32nd Air Operations Squadron, as from that day the ties with the Wolfhounds and its symbol are cut.

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Last update was made on February 1, 2010. [read more]

Camp New Amsterdam

Camp New Amsterdam (CNA) the American side of Soesterberg Air Base. [read more]

Operation Jungle Jewel

On 13 December 1944, 2nd Lt. Warren Maxon departed France Field, Panama in a P-39 aircraft as a member of a duly authorized formation flight of three planes. Maxon separated from the formation in a cloud and was never seen again. More then 40 years later his aircraft is discovered in the jungle of Panama. [read more]


Soesterberg Air Base
Soesterberg Air Base
Soesterberg Air Base, also known as Camp New Amsterdam. [more]

Personnel Ramstein AB
Personnel Ramstein AB
Ramstein Air Base its BIG DAWGS. [more]

Al sort of images related to the Wolfhounds, Soesterberg Air Base or Ramstein Air Base. [more]




Demolishing buildings at CNA
The demolishing of buildings at the former Camp New Amsterdam is started this summer. [more]

New Wolfhounds patch
A Tribute patch dedicated to all that served at Soesterberg Air Base. [more]

Wolfhound legacy lives on
The Wolfhounds legacy lives on within the 603 AOC. [more]

Missing F-15 Eagle serials
Missing images of the 73-0091, 78-0550 and 79-0079 in CR color scheme. [more]