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AHDS History is one of the five centres of the Arts and Humanities Data Service and collects, preserves, and promotes the use of digital resources, which result from or support historical research, learning and teaching.
Services offered by AHDS History include:
Link to Creating. Image of banana-ripening hut, Mpaija, Hoima [AHDS History study number: 4169]Link to Depositing. Part of image of godly and faithful Christians apprehended about Colchester [AHDS History study number 5047]Link to Collection. Part of map depicting national free trade lectures, shows and exhibitions, December 1910 [AHDS History study number 4818]
 Advising about the creation, use and preservation of historical digital resources
 Collecting, cataloguing and preserving historical digital resources  
 Providing access to a wide-ranging collection of historical digital resources  
Link to Special Collections. Part of map of Wivenhoe [AHDS History study number 4348]Link to Project. Part of image of a chart from Online Historical Population Reports ProjectLink to Guides to Good Practice. Image of a clock face from the front cover of Digisiting History
Establishing thematic special collections, and enriching and enhancing selected data collections
[Special Collections]
Developing online data and metadata delivery systems
Promoting standards in the creation, description, use and preservation of historical digital resources  
[Guides to Good Practice]


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AHDS History receives support from:Joint Information Systems Committee University of Essex LogoArts and Humanities Research Board