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Beyond the Competition

Beyond the Competition

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Electric Eel Tank

It's quite shocking what some people will do for $50,000. Fear Factor contestant Pam Green explains what it's like to transfer a bunch of slimy electric eels from one side of a tank to another with only one hand.

FEAR FACTOR: What did you think when you first found out you were doing a stunt with electric eels?

PAM GREEN: I mean I knew I was gonna get shocked, but once I got up there and I went to grab the eel, I felt like I couldn't let go of it. It seemed like the harder I grabbed the more it shocked me. And it just kept shocking and shocking and shocking.

FEAR FACTOR: What does it feel like to get shocked by an electric eel?

PAM GREEN: You almost can't pull away from it. So I don't really understand how the other girls did it. I could tell there was a little pause in a couple of their hand releases, but you know, maybe everybody's different. I don't know. Maybe my body reacts different to a shock because I physically couldn't let it go. And then it just continually happened. The more I grabbed, the more it just shocked my body. It was weird!

FEAR FACTOR: What would you compare the feeling to?

PAM GREEN: Um, they felt like you actually stuck your finger in a socket. I'm like freaking out. Like most girls wouldn't even do that and I consider myself pretty tough and tomboyish.

FEAR FACTOR: Did you ever think about quitting?

PAM GREEN: The shocking hurt like hell but it wasn't gonna stop me from keepin' reachin' my hand in there. It didn't stop me from goin' back for more and more.

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