Weltanschauung: Changing views, changing systems

George Siemens on Nov 24th 2009

Originally, this week was to be a conference week with the representation from U of M’s business faculty. However, things haven’t quite materialized :) . Our topic, stays the same – weltanschauung: changing views, changing systems.

The last several decades have brought about significant change in the information cycle (creation, validation, sharing, repurposing) and in how people interact with each other. Each era creates institutions that reflect the information-based needs they face (McNeely & Wolverton). Libraries in Alexandria, the Academy in Greece, churches in the middle ages, and schools/universities (~800 years ago). If we want to understand the institutions a society will create, we must first understand the nature and attributes of information of that era. And that’s what we’ve been doing so far in CCK09.

The readings this week provide an opportunity to think about systemic change in education:

New structures and spaces of learning: The systemic impact of connective knowledge, connectivism, and networked learning

Higher Education, Globalization, and the Knowledge Economy

Week 11 Discussion Forum

Week 11: Live Session – here in elluminate 4 pm, CST (time zone conversion)

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  1. Richard Jones Nov 24th 2009 at 12:46 pm 1

    Hi, Can you please tell me on what date the Elluminate session will be held. It appears from the note in the Daily that is was on Monday, the 23rd (yesterday?). I only received the notice, today, though. /RJ

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