FOAF data and where to get it....


Scutter Plans

There is a Web of interlinked FOAF files. You should be able to start at any FOAF file that is linked to the main network, and find the rest. Here are some well-known and well-connected Scutter entry points:

Scutter Dumps

Several people in the FOAF community run their own Scutter and are willing to share the results of their efforts.

If you want to share your data, add yourself to the table below which should include download url(s) and some indication of formats

Name Download URL(s) Smushed? Notes
Billion Triples Challenge 2009 [1] No Approximately 40 million FOAFs
SWSE Data Dump [2] No Crawled from TimBL's FOAF
Jim Ley's Triplestore [3] Yes, old ones, the newest is 38mb and not smushed - raw rdf/xml files are also available These are dumps from MySQL tables, rather than raw triples. MortenFrederiksen has [4] a script for converting the dump to NTriples]

Bulk FOAF Exports

Are there any sites who bulk expose their (your!) user info as FOAF RDF/XML documents? Or are discussing this?

Early days, but here's an attempt at a tabular summary (please help fill out the blanks... table structure may evolve though...). First we list sites with native FOAF export facilities.


Sites and tools that export FOAF

Name Sample eg. Info, discussion Contact(s) Notes
LiveJournal freso rdf LJ community: ljfoaf LJ user: crschmidt Produces limited information (contact, mostly) along with :interests and :knows data.
DeadJournal crschmidt rdf LJ community: ljfoaf LJ user: crschmidt Clone site of LiveJournal, uses same code as LiveJournal
MyOpera Opera Employees rdf Exports FOAF for both groups and persons Kjetil Kjernsmo In active development Evan Prodromou - site creator rdf Exports FOAF for contacts and some personal data from profile Evan Prodromou Open source microblogging
MyBlogLog User Profile rdf Exports FOAF for contacts and online accounts John Sampson Distributed Social Network
Fotothing dom dom - Dom Ramsey Photo blogging community site User Profile Page rdf Exports FOAF for profile pages Dan Libby social network with FOAF, XFN and OpenID. full data dump should be coming soon
Friendfeed User Profile rdf Exports FOAF for profile subscriptions and friends Bret Taylor Feed aggregator with social aspects
23pools bandri rdf - - see user docs
Ecademy - - - Julian Bond -
meinbild danbri rdf @@rdfweb-dev thread Bernhard A. M. Seefeld (re FOAF) uses nick not name (many anon users); extra 'depiction' properties.
TypePad danbri rdf - Ben Trott Produces and consumes

To add:

  • ESW List
  • Cocolog (Nifty's Japanese TypePad installation, ????)
  • [5]

Misc (including Convertors, Scrapers, Filters)

Some more sites and discussion, including convertors, scrapers, filters:

Dead(ish) Links

Misc notes

From #deanspace:

  • <crschmidt>: danbri, foafinate is purely DFA, so it's not in any CVS. If you want a copy of it, you'd have to ask zacker about it.
  • <danbri>: DFA?
  • <crschmidt>: DeanForAmerica.
  • <drumm>: its on tthe official side of things
  • <drumm>: we here on the unofficial side askedd for it so users can get some of their info filled when they register on a deanspace-powered site
  • <danbri>: Ah, righto
  • <danbri>: There's two sides of this for everyone I guess: once you've entered the data, allow it to be exported in FOAF. vs when you're entering, allow a FOAF or FOAF-linked homepage URL to populate a profile...