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Formspring Sparks Curiosity, Caution

Nancy Asiamah

Issue date: 2/26/10 Section: Entertainment
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Formspring.me is a new and different way of social networking that has many of its users eager to know what's next. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace, Formspring.me is a network where users over-share personal information by answering questions asked anonymously.

Here's how it works; it requires the user to generate a username, give their name, email address, and agreeing to the terms. Then, to put the URL of your personal website, a bit biography, your location, uploading your picture.

Nathan Owusu, freshmen, said Formspring.me is not a burden on his life because he is a very open individual.

"Sometimes people say or ask pretty offensive things but really doesn't bother me," he said.

All the fun begins after creating an account because everything else is laid out for you. You either connect your Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger account, or all at once to advertise and invite your friends to visit your page and ask you questions.

Formspring.me may be interesting and exciting, but it is a very dangerous way to let your information out because you do not know who is being answered. The persons being questioned may feel like the center of attention, because someone is interested in what they do.

Lisa Robotham, junior, said a system like this only causes low self-esteem, fights and unnecessary drama.

"It is a stupid website that can cause breakup in all kinds of relationships," she said.

This can turn very ugly and can also ruin someone's reputation. Hate mail, emotional confessions, affection, insurgent questions, funny questions, all come with Formspring.me. Also, it is not like other social networks where you can make your page private or block certain people from viewing your personal information. Your account is opened to everyone who comes across the link and clicks it.

"I think it's safe because if you have a twitter, there's no difference in getting a Formspring.me account because it is as safe," Kojo Yeboah, sophomore, said.

Yeboah also added that it is a way for people to ask you questions they would not ask you in person.
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