webOS 1.4 Available Now for Sprint, O2, Movistar; Verizon, Bell, Telcel Users Wait


Following up on webOS 1.4 appearing on a handful of GSM devices and following an early sneak peek at the webOS 1.4 changelog and now, friends, it has finally arrived. Hit up your update app to download and install the app. Want to talk it up? Of course you do: hero forum moderator Milominderbinder has helpfully set the stage for you:

We already know the big stuff: Video recording, improved Universal Search / Exchange support, 'performance enhancements within phone and calendar,' the groundwork for flash, and the gesture area notifications. There are plenty of hidden gems to find, though (check out the call log). What else do you see?

Update:  Palm confirms the networks it's available for:

Sprint network in the US and on the O2 UK, O2 DE, O2 Ireland, and Movistar networks in Europe. The update is expected to be available for Palm webOS phones on other networks soon

Verizon, Bell, and Telcel users: tough cookies, you'll just have to hope that 'soon' means 'by the time Palm promised - in February.'

Patchers: Remember to make sure you're on the latest version of Preware - here's the details on how AUPT means you don't have to uninstall patches.




I bet the hold up for 1.4 update was Verizon, though in the process Palm might have found some mistakes and corrected them.

I'm sure it was because of Verizon, and the reason it's not out for Verizon customers is because of Verizon. Used to do validation of mobile software that was prepackaged with phones sold to companies through Verizon, Cingular (back when it wasn't AT&T), and Sprint, and I can attest to the fact that everything I did took twice as long to release because of Verizon. They go back and forth, put you off for a week while they mull over things, ping back at you, make you go through your own verification and validation process again, after making demanded software changes, then the process repeats until you tear your hair out...THEN Verizon accepts it. Most of the time it's not even quality stuff, it's Verizon business/marketing/integration stuff. Or because Verizon is loading some software on their devices that screws up your stuff, but doesn't tell you about it. That's how it is with them. Sorry, Verizon fans, but that's just how they are.

Did anyone ever think that they could be launching it to specific vendors, so that they don't oversubscribe the servers that are probably getting taxed, like the Federal Govt. does to our paychecks? :-) It'll be here in due time...We CAN dooo it!!!!

There was a Sprint rep in our area yesterday. He said the Sprint servers were overloaded yesterday causing the delays.

I bet the hold up is to get new Palm customers in their 30 day window to wait another day and perhaps hold over the update.

We wont improve the phone, until after their 30 day trial ends, then we'll make it better and trick them into staying?

Hmm, my taxes are too low, we need to spend a lot more on education.

What needs to be removed

Supposedly just themes.

May the Force be with you!

Damnit i downloaded it wheres flash!!!! just kidding, but i probably wont be in a week haha. So excited for precording!


I guess no one is awake, other than you and me

Downloading it. It's about damn time!

i smell burning...

damm right!

sprint always first baby!

Except when Verizon is first.

yea first in high charges haha gotta pay an arm and a leg to get a data plan...

I spent the last few hours being jealous of VZ wireless users, which is not typical of me at all...

It's available in the UK too!

what about poor verizon users are they getting it too??

I went to check at Verizon late yesterday and they said it should be available later today

what about poor verizon users are they getting it too??

hell yeah. decided to check my updates one last time and what do you know its there for download. now i dont know if im still mad or not that i had to wait till saturday when they said friday. lol. but who cares. its here!!!

Palm has NEVER said a specific date for webOS 1.4. They said "February", so they are well within their actual stated timeframe. Friday was speculation, and ultimately very close. But it was Friday according to Palm's timezone.

It was available not too far past midnight but when Sprint states it will be availableby a certain date they should stick to it. I live in NYC and they've stated 4G will be available here in 2010 so instances like this make me wonder if they might mean a few minutes past 2011. After being with ripoff Verizon previously for years I appreciate the better company Sprint is but missing deadlines even by minutes isn't professional. Maybe Palms fault, idk. Either way with Sprint and Palm I have the best quality product so I'll have to forgive and forget. Gotta say I'm dying for news on the next device.

fuck yeahhh about fucking time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

WOOT WOOT....I was freakin out man......

You ARE freaking out...MAN...

Best post of the night. Team RamRod!

Yeah, I was just checking for the hell of it and boom. I thought maybe it had been a while but I guess it just popped up a few minutes ago. Nice.


DLing in KCMO! Sweet. So much for sleep.

Hahaha holy god is this ever a slow download.

it final

I will be recording video before this day is over!!

Sprint rocks!!!

finally suckas!!!!!!!!! Hahaha


Im in Dallas area. Downloading now...

i love it.. happy new year brothers. xmas day part 2. Now watch in 5 minutes terds will wine like.. oh wait when will it do this or that. lol. people never happy. i am smilin ear to ear though like the joker. Long Live webOS

Downloading now!!!!!

woohoo 14 hours of checking paid off!!!!

Lol. You said it dude.

I was just put my Pre on the Touchstone, and went to updates one final time. Than... 1.4 is available to download.

In Chicago w/ Sprint FTW!

Hey you guys, how about you all stop downloading so I can finish MY download, then I'll post when I'm done, and you guys can decide who downloads next!

in mo downloading bitches haha

YES!! Downloading now.. Slow but im bout to make a sandwhich and stare at the progres bar.. :D

Surprisingly small for an update so overglorified. 39mb? Good things come in small packages I guess. Now lets start blowing up the Adobe website for Flash Beta!

This is going to take forever to download

finally...!! I guess I won't go to bed now!

Holy slow download...

FACE! Lol what we've all been waiting for

Denver downloading now - Still Friday - So delivered on the rumored date here!! =0P

i can sleep well now

just realized i forgot to uninstall a theme will that be a problem? i know patches are ok to leave on now.

Yeah the theme needs to be uninstalled bro..


thnx i had it uninstalled all day but just put it back on cause i was gonna go to bed.

Got it in Germany too! Downloading right now but its going pretty slow. This is SO exciting!!! :D

Nice, finally video recording is gonna be on the way.... YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Im downloading it too.... but its going ungodly slow! anyone else?

now we wait for the flash in the app catalog haha

I'm happy its out. I can't wait to see how people will react to the update. I also want to see when will people start to complain about 1.5 update not coming out fast enough. lol

now this is the time to advertise. Maybe not the "iPhone killer" ad, but definitely the "Droid can't do this" and "not an iPhone, but the we can juggle berries, fruits, and other non-multitaskers" ad

Blackberries can multitask, and have been able to for years. I have a 7520 for work that multitasks. You just have to know the key combination for it, as it's not at all obvious.

hells yes.

finally!!! Downloading now. And sloooooowwwww!

YESSSSS!!! all of a sudden my phone was flashing at me and the twitters were going wild!!! YAYYYYYY!!! go to twitter and help make webos a trending topic!

On O2 Germany: Downloading 1.4. Great!

why is taking so long

1.4 kiks asssss

FINALLY! Now I can pay attention in class instead of checking precentral and clicking the update button every 38 seconds of the day;) taking forever though, but it should be worth it:)

Me so horny

holy slow download batman

man everyone is downloading this thing its going so slow

lets go for crashing the server...or not.

about freakin time iv been waiting for this forever

OMFG YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!! I was smiling the entire time while it searched for an update AHHHHHHH =D

dude avter hiting the dame button all day i had it on the touchstone and had already kindda started to knock out but wanted to hit it one more time and,BBBAAAAAMMMMMM. got up quick

dude same here!!! haha

Downloading! Sweet.

dammit beavis quit hogging my download. hahah

I just started the download. Happy times!!!!! Video, here I come. ;)

Yay!!!Downloading already :)

today feels like christmas! pre on 1.4 i just git a new 27" iMac and oredered my extended battery for pre. :')

WOOHOO unpackaged and installing!

For O2 UK Palm Pre update as well.. Downloading now... :) I love my Palm Pre.

10:45pm at PST Baby!!!! yes!!!!!1.4 is here!!!!!!!!!!! yeah!!!! tommi666 was rigth!!!!

were verizon???? come on i want some fun too lol

So when is 1.4 coming out??????!??!?!!?!?!?

YES YESY YES. Downloading now!

7:48am in Germany... Update aviable.

Screenshot from me:

7:48Uhr in Deutschland... Update verfügbar.

Screenshot von mir:

Do i still need to remove patches and Themes for 1.4.. PL:EASE ADVISE!!!!!!!! Thanks

If your patches are up to date then no, but remove the theme.


They released it right at 10:30 PST. 10:50 now and only 1/4 of the way done. Time for a snickers!

jeeze kids, don't all download it at once! It looks like I'm not the only one that was ADDICTED to checking the forums? Haha:)

Ok now lets all rock the orange on the 3rd and lets shoot some videos Wew!

I love the way how palm thought that they can out smart us by throwing 1.4 out around 12:30-1:00 thinking they can avoid heavy downloads,its friday everyone is going to be up...lol. maybe would of worked on thursday but not friday

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I told everyone to be patient :P


jeeze kids, don't all download it at once! It looks like I'm not the only one that was ADDICTED to checking the forums? Haha:)

Downloading in NC at 1:52am. Wooo Hoo!!! Slow, but worth the wait!


i love how small the download is due to the new way they pack these things! its awesome!

hell yeah so sick its still friday here lol

hell yeah downloading it now finally here all this time waiting but now is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was hoping my unthrottled download speed would kick in... instead this is like watching old people play lawn bowling.

Saweet!!!!!! Downloading!! It feels like Christmas!!!!

Thanks Palm and Sprint for getting this to us! We appreciate the updates. Looking forward to the download completing so I can install.

Hopefully tethering will still work. :P

We are going to melt palm with all the traffic. lol

Yay it's almost 2am (Ohio) and I'm finally downloading webOS 1.4 =) Lucky my dog woke me up to let em outside. Totally freaken stoked...and half asleep lol.

and if you have twitter...post something about it. would be nice to see a trend on it!

Halfway done. It's going so slow...

haha finally this is amazing.. Have a half rack of 30 keystones down and been refreshing the whole night. My boys think I'm a big fagan bc how much I've been paying attention to my phone but now it's totally worth it. WOOT WOOT downloading 1.4 as we speak!!

Downloading now in Honolulu, Hawaii!

come on verizon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha verizon!!!!!

Will wifi download this faster? Thanks



Downloading over WiFi in NYC, started at 1:41am. Servers must be getting slammed because it is only 39MB but download is crawling. No worries -- this will definitely be worth the wait.

actually i hope vz gets it soon. i convinced my boy to go out and get the pre.. he went for the pre plus for more memory. I hope he gets to share the joy soon as well

WAHOO!!! Been hitting that damn check updates button since the 15th. But really, good work you folks at Palm, you guys made your CES deadline. Cant wait for the download to finish now

OK you all are reading this and I have hypnotized you all to turn your DL's off so I can get mine faster!

unpacking still taking forever

Almost finished unpacking here. Estimate that download (under extreme load) and unpack takes 30-35 minutes. Don't know how long install takes yet.

anyone want to place bets on what the whiners latch onto next?

-No Docs2Go (not palm's fault)
-WTF? When is 1.5 gonna be out?
-Wah! I want Media Sync back to use with my months old iPrunes!
-Where's Flash? I demand Flash! How else am I supposed to fend off Ming?
-What the heck, if this smartphone was so smart why can't it wipe my backside for me?


Media sync is still on webOS 1.4
You can turn it back on under Device Info


Can anyone explain to me what MediaSync was for anyway? I heard iTunes...but I'm still confused. I have tons of mp3..and I just move files around.. Forgive me, I'm 40 years old so I'm not all up on the iTunes thing...but why is it so important to have iTunes again??
Can't people just move their music around by themselves? I know...stupid question, yes?

Ya know, I actually used that Media Sync mode once with iTunes. But I couldn't find my music files on iTunes, so I just stop using iTunes forever and used the USB drag and drop like a normal person. Yes, there are other people who lived before Apple i-this and i-that.

I'm gonna say Flash.

No, lack of voice dial will be the largest gripe now that video is here. Trust me. ;)

unthrottle download patch helps.. i think?

I think so, but I've had it for a while now, so I don't remember the difference.

Also, it's unpacking. I'm so happy.

About 80% unpacked...

Downloading now! With these new features we can help spread the word that this is a kick ass phone (since Verizon had the "mom" ads that made me feel real manly! LOL.). Now is the time to strike a marketing campaign with the new features coming out...sear the meat while the griddle is hot baby!

why is unpacking taking so long

about 99 % unpacked

Just finished unpacking. now validating

Hey Dieter.... why are you Roaming? Weird...

I wrote a blog: did Verizon Purposefully Push Palm to the Brink?


im rebooting now.. took since 1:30 est

validating 90%


Unpacking is taking forever.

im rebooting too

Validating takes a good sec too.


I'm happy for you. I'm *NOT* getting the update in Denmark w/O2 unlocked !!

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