Wave Synthesizer


DHI Wave Synthesizer for Windows NT/2000 (WS) is DHI’s comprehensive software package for control of hydraulic models, including control of 2D or 3D wave generators. DHI WS is based on the successful DHI Wave Synthesizer for DOS and is currently being extended and improved with new features.

DHI WS is a suite of programs which, together with efficient analogue I/O modules, allows for use of Windows NT/2000 based PCs for wave generation control, data acquisition and data analysis.

For 3D wave generating systems or when operating with DHI AWACS 2 or AWACS 3 Active Wave Absorption Control Systems, DHI WS also monitors the performance of the DHI Digital Servo Controller System.

DHI WS has options for the synthesis of regular and irregular (random), 2D and 3D wave time series to be generated in the wave basin or flume.

All commonly used wave energy spectra and directional distribution functions are available in DHI WS. Control signals may be synthesized both from 1st and 2nd order theory as well as from cnoidal and solitary (Tsunami) theory.

The complete DHI Wave Synthesizer includes:

  • Software for Windows NT/2000
  • Comprehensive user manual (hardcopy and PDF format)
  • Analogue/digital I/O board for control and data acquisition
  • Input/output, filter panel(s), type DHI 154/IF, with cable for connection to I/O board in PC

DHI WS requires Windows NT/ 2000 and one available PCI slot for each I/O board.

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