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NOTE: I am in the process of categorizing these lessons by media and grade. You can see my progress by visiting this page. Eventually I will have separate pages for most categories. Don't forget you can search by lesson key words in the search box above. If you find any broken or inappropriate links, please e-mail Ken Rohrer

Lewis & Clark Integrated thematic lessons New! Bearden Jazz Collage New!
Paper Mache Canopic Jars (Grades 4-6) New! Recycling Art Projects New!
Number Art- Art and Math IntegrationNew! Line Design Paper Sculpture - Julie J.
Nature of Chagall - Stephanie Corder Visual Puns - Birds - Kenna Bush
Reverse Glass "Painting" - Joanna Davis Ceramic Portrait Pots - J. Hollingsworth
Musical Art -Watercolors - Stephanie C. Figure and Portrait Drawing - M. Bartel
Origami Houses - Art Cars - Jeryl H. Organic Shapes - O'Keeffe - Theresa P.
Storybook Art - 4 Lessons MaryAnn Kohl Christo - Transformations - MaryAnn K
Art of the Inca - Foil Masks - Jill Hanson Blind Contour Drawing - Stephanie 
Animals in Art - World Studies - P Caiola Paper Maché Project Ideas - Linda W. 
Ceramic Owls (grade 1) - Jeryl H.  Ceramic Sunflower Relief - Jan Hillmer
Perspective - Giant Came to Town - Linda Radial Name Design-Sketchbooks  
Art About Sports - Ideas - Send in yours! Monotypes using Createx and more  
Monoprints- Subtractive Method- Kathy
Reverse Appliqué- Paper Molas -Virginia  Sailboats - Homer - Warm/Cool- Kathy
Action Figure-Miriam Schapiro - Kathy B  Stenciled Pillow - Fiber Art - Leah
Dinosaur Paper Maché Sculpture - Linda  Hawaiian Art and Culture - Cathy K
Sea Turtles - Oil Pastel Resist -Patti C. Radial Name Design - Patti Caiola
Pop-Art Tunnel Book - Joanna Davis Paper Pulp Painting  -Denise Pannell
Fish Lesson Ideas - 2-D and 3-D Paper Fine Art Dolls - Melissa S. 
Color Theory a la Andy Warhol - Denise Edible Color Wheel - Color Unit 
Paul Klee goes to Africa-Egypt - Jan H. 
Paul Klee Sinbad the Sailor - Denise P
Matisse Room with a View - Linda W
Matisse- Figure Collage - Weezie J.
Poetry and Art -Language Arts- Colleen Movement in Modern Art (PE - Art) 
Art Criticism Questions - Craig Roland  Exploring Art Through Descriptive Writing Diptych Self Portrait - Dawn S. 
Portrait Triptychs - Art Styles - Judy S
Art Criticism for Elementary  Questions
Art Criticism - Betsy Larson
One Day Lesson Ideas 
Christmas Ideas - Mother's Day 
Op Art Marker Designs - Patti Caiola Solo Cup Baskets - Hopi - Sue H.
Digital Self Portraits - Kris Fontes 
Adobe Curriculum Materials 
Rousseau Jungles -Pam Stephens 
Rousseau -Art/Science Lesson Ideas
Peaceable Kingdom - Jeanette Anthos Mixed Media - Matisse Goldfish  
Pastel Number Design-Math - Colleen C. 
Counting on Art - Math using Art
Masks Web Quest - Lisa Mitchell
Architecture -Gabled Roofs - Art Images Ceramic Effigy - Linda Woods
Foil Tooling Masks - J. Anthos 
Paper Sculpture Masks - 2 Styles
Art Games - Art History Activities  
Teaching Creativity - Marvin Bartel
Outside-Inside -Fruits/Veggie Drawing Funny Face Portraits - Linda W.
Geometric Mandala - L Woods Hands - drawings, sculpture, more! 
Drawing: Emotion Commotion Drawing: Modern Mona  Fauves Mona
Computer/Video Game Illustration Art Of The Masters
A Painting from the Twilight Zone Internet Exchange Lesson
Space Shuttles in Space Internet Exchange Lessons 2-4
Tie Snakes Soft Sculpture Drawing: City Scapes
A Lesson in Symmetry Y Tree drawing
Line and Pattern Study Mondrian Painting - Kelley S. 
Mondrian- Abstract Map Composition
Pitchy Patch Puppet Scratch Art
Box Sculpture Painting on Foil
Watercolor Technique Butterflies Painting Made Easy!
Matisse- Drawing, Paper Collage and Painting   Matisse Figure Collage Chinese Dragon Puppet - Ann H. 
Cut Paper Dragons! Chinese New Year
Puzzle Art Design Name Aliens
Camouflage Collage Tissue Collage Vase
Self - Portrait Figure Drawing   Figure Sculptures
Tear Bears Painting: Using Tone
Miniature Portraits Picasso's Three Musicians
Claude Monet's Pizza Day Painting: Tempera Batik
Inexpensive Printmaking Multi-Color Leaf Prints
Paper Stencil Silk Screen Prints - Kathy  Collagraph Relief Prints - Denise P
Secondary Colors - Shaving Cream Fun Cool School Tools- Drawing and Design
Half Wire Screen Mask - Mardi Gras Art and Technology - Kid Pix
Starry Night   Starry Night - Marbling (2) Illusions of Depth
Faith Ringgold and Tar Beach (3) 
African American Quiltmaking - Sue H.
Aboriginal Bark Paintings (5)
Egyptian Portraits (2)  Grid Name Drawings (4-5)
Crayon Resist Fall Leaves (K-1)  Crayon Resist Bugs (K-2) - Elisa M.
Ceramic Leaf Bowls - Jeryl H. Plaid Puppies/Cats  Barbara B.
Weaving - Fiber Arts Ideas Calder's Wire Circus - Jeryl H.  Circus 
Matisse Mixed Media Portrait - Tara L. Mixed Breed Drawing - Linda W.
Corrugated Relief Prints - Robin M. Lines and Patterns: Body Tracing
Recycled Materials Fish Sculpture- Linda  Matisse Face Masterpiece
White on White Paper Faces - Linda S. Drawing: Table Murals
Textured Animal Sculptures - Cindy E. Van Gogh Cypresses
Tempera Paint Lesson Ideas 
Night Sky Painting - Tempera - Lotte P.
Name Insects
Animals in the Wild  Animals as Pets Warm Colors vs Cool colors 
Textured Animals - Warm/Cool - Tara L.
Art & Music - E's and P's - Denise P. Word Kaleidoscope  Film Kaleidoscope
Ceramics Lesson Ideas   Storytellers Careers: Student Teaching
3-D Name Design Paper Relief - Michael  Easy Dioramas
Art of Japan - Project Ideas    Clay Tile Lesson Plan
Kimonos: Weaving - Scratchboard - Clay Native American Sand Painting 
Sand painting with Cereal
Reflections Portraits (Hair) - Kathy B Printmaking: Circles Galore!
Character Education - Family  Rainy Day Watercolor
Monster in My Closet Drawing - Patty C Hot or Cold Perspective 
Value Shading -Animals - Jan Hillmer Using an Old Brush in a New Way
Children's Day Celebration! Making Picasso Faces
Oaxacan Animalitos/Alebrijes - Linda  Mona-Lisa Monochromatic Painting
Egyptian Mummy Drawing - Kathy B Egyptian Antiqued Drawing - Denise P. Warm/Cool Leaves - Stencil Printing
Aboriginal Art - Technology - Jan H Easy Printmaking in the Classroom 
Paper Mache Birds - Pueblo - Judy D
Paper Maché Penguins-P Falkenhainer
Painting: Seaweed Art
Petroglyph Lesson - Samantha W. 
Rock Art -Stencil Print - Mary Jane 
Critters & Complementary Colours
Museum Field Trip Lesson Ideas Dress-up to the Olde Masters
Monet Garden - Science Integration
Monet's Garden - Sponge Print - Pam 

Monet - Tempera/Chalk Painting - Jill
Sketchbook Ideas (K-8) 
Advocacy for Sketchbooks - Video
Picasso Faces-Oil Pastels -Jeanette A. Halloween Ideas and History Links 
Watercolor Lessons - Mark Anderson Dr. Seuss' Tints and Shades (K-1)
Eric Carle Collage - Linda Woods Dream House Drawing - Linda W.
Self Portrait Project Ideas 
How do Artists Get Ideas? - Brainstorm
Self Portrait with Pet - Frida Kahlo off site
Recycled Robots - Julie Casebourn Mexican Animalitos
Mancala Game Boards Scenic Scene Lighthouse Collage
Bottle People - Dollmaking - Kathy D Granary Doors - Identity - A. Heiman


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