Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, 'Inglourious Basterds'

with Quentin Tarantino
in Movies, TV & Theater
on Friday, August 21, 2009 * * * * *

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An hour with Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino about his film 'Inglourious Basterds'

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    1. doodahdaze  08/28/2009 08:27 PM Report

      Has the melodramatic voice in the wind formerly known as sock puppet, formerly known as Fartufe, now gone Captain Kirk - Berserk. (I can hear the cheesy (but not for it's time) dramatic music now; 'Must save the Enterprise. Must.. now.. resist...'

    2. robdverity  08/28/2009 05:35 PM Report

      Saw it and sorry. Had some well done suspenseful moments but the price was too high. Depravity is too easy. Too cheap. Wanted to go to church and I'm an atheist. Metaphorically. Maybe take a shower. Gratuitous depravity throughout. The quality doubled when Pitt was absent. Pandering to the baser side as QT excells in, pandering at the expense of both Germans and Jews. Avengers are brutalized downward to the same level (a la scalping etc). A Stockholm syndrome of sorts.

      I felt diminshed, depressed. The ending didn't help. Illogical. If guilty enough for an etched visible swastika, then by the movies standards to let the villian live was fatuous to the extreme. Like plastic surgery's potential didn't mock the puerile gesture at the end to destroy any meaning to the whole tortured 2-1/2 hours of gratuitous gore.

      Sadly, our natinal psyche will consume and exalt it. We thrive on the easy vengeance themes, westerns and otherwise. Iraq and Af-Pak are national policies on the same theme. We'll show them, and show them, and show them. Ghandi's an eye-for-an-eye and tooth-for-a-tooth, will make us all blind and toothless, supplants "Vengeance is mine,' sayeth the lord, in a NY minute.

      Our species will ultimately self-immolate. QT hastens the day, and at once makes it LESS of a tragedy.

    3. alf  08/26/2009 08:59 PM Report

      I've seen the film. It was terrific and another great film from QT. Anybody just poking comments either hasn't seen the film or isn't a fan of QT's work. I wouldn't say it has anything to do with the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and less to do with The Good, the Bad and the Ugly nor is it "spaghetti war flick". Just one man's interpretation and a good one at that.

    4. Pastorlux  08/26/2009 04:45 PM Report

      Some of the comments below are from people who have not seen the film. This movie can not be judged from its trailer, it's much much more than that. Besides, it is disheartening to hear art criticism from ideologues who are not interested in art. If anything, Tarantino's art has shown a definace of categories, of expectations, and of convention. Bravo, QT. It's fun and provokative listening to you discuss the method to your madness. Thank you!

    5. sandrakaytvgp  08/26/2009 01:28 PM Report

      loved this interview. cool to learn i have in common with this artist, the benefits of studying acting to improve writing. exactly why a dream of passion by lee strasberg is my most highly recommended reading for writers. just change the word "stage" to "page" -great tips/techniques, advice for writers too. -will blog more on this today...

    6. billthefan  08/26/2009 01:26 AM Report

      Tarantino was on freeking coke for the interview. It's amazing video. Count how many times he sniff-ff-ffs his nose, coughs, rubs his upper lip and his nose, takes a deep breath out of no where, picks at his skin. Sorry to say, Charlie looks absolutely terrible. He's so washed out it looks like a jones. Watch him at the start of the video. Charlie's a great interviewer so I hope he was just mirroring Tarantino's affect with all the phantom sniffing he was doing too.

    7. doodahdaze  08/25/2009 01:38 PM Report

      I wonder if this one is worth seeing. Is it BELIEVABLE? Or just stupid, goofy, hyper-macho one-liners with unmotivated, ambiguous violence?... B/c there's only one, The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly. It can't possibly be that good and ORIGINAL.

    8. robdverity  08/25/2009 11:51 AM Report

      Too perceptive. I'm bettin it's a 3rd grade level "here's a version of how we wish things might have been," avenging pandering. Tarantino's manic vulgarity personified. Magnifies human degradation - which may have some merit. We, they can match nazism stride-for-stride, in the name of (justifiable) vengeance eye-for-an-eye (Ghandi notwithstanding).

    9. REMant  08/24/2009 09:44 PM Report

      Some are calling it a spaghetti war flick, but to me it seems just another instance of pandering and vulgarity from the folks in Hollywood. Unless, of course, it is supposed to be at the same time a backhanded defense of Israeli treatment of the Palestinians, or other such anti-Arab propaganda.

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