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Busting the Well-Endowed

Shikha Dalmia | March 4

It's time to cut federal funding for the arts

The Wrong Policy at the Wrong Time

Veronique de Rugy | March 4

The problem with the Value-Added Tax

Guns for All, Privileges or Immunities for None

Brian Doherty | March 4

The hearings in McDonald v. Chicago promise an unrevolutionary victory—but still an important one

Keep Your Laws Off My Body

John Stossel | March 4

The case for legalizing drugs, prostitution, organ sales, and other consensual acts. 3 Reasons Why Obama's High-Speed Rail Will Go Nowhere Fast

March 4

Supertrain 2010 = Supertrain 1979!

Chicago's Pointless Handgun Ban

Steve Chapman | March 4

Why draconian gun control laws never work

Created or Saved or Estimated or Assumed

Peter Suderman | March 3

The Congressional Budget Office's predetermined stimulus reports

Two Steps Forward, No Steps Back

David Harsanyi | March 3

The latest version of ObamaCare Billionaires vs. Brooklyn's Best Bar—Eminent Domain Abuse & The Atlantic Yard Project

Nick Gillespie | March 3

Carry On

Jacob Sullum | March 3

Does the Second Amendment apply outside the home?

The Five Varieties of Bad Political Thinking

Michael Weiss | March 2

Understanding what's wrong with politics today

Cap and Trade is Dead

Ronald Bailey | March 2

Long live cap and trade. Eugene Volokh on Guns, Speech, and Media Bias

March 2

Law prof and blogger tells all!

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March 2

A Raw Deal

March 2

Farms selling milk straight from the cow vex food regulators, but the demand isn't diminishing.

4.5 SWAT Raids Per Day

Radley Balko | March 1

Maryland's SWAT transparency bill produces its first disturbing results Nanny of the Month For February 2010!

March 1

Meet the state rep. who would ban fake pot.

A Tale of Two Libertarianisms

Brian Doherty | March 2010

The conflict between Murray Rothbard and F.A. Hayek highlights an enduring division in the libertarian world.

Safe Toyotas, and Other Surprises

Steve Chapman | March 1

Driving is a hazardous activity, but that's rarely because of unsafe cars.

Dressed for Success

Greg Beato | February 26

Business casual and the evolution of the American workplace

Getting the 14th Amendment Right

Damon W. Root | February 26

The Chicago gun case and the fight for economic liberty

A Bipartisan Solution to ObamaCare

Shikha Dalmia | February 26

Why Republicans should call their own summit

Friday Funnies

Henry Payne | February 26

Obama's openness on health care reform

Who Will Watch The Watchmen?

Katherine Mangu-Ward | February 25

An interview with National Journal's Shane Harris, author of a new book on the rise of the surveillance state

Now Playing at Treat Me Like a Dog!

February 25

What human health care can learn from pet care

Whose Body Is It?

John Stossel | February 25

The government should "protect" us less and respect our liberty more.

Obama Embraces Nixonomics

Steve Chapman | February 25

The folly of imposing wage and price controls

Weaponizing Mozart

Brendan O'Neill | February 24

How Britain is using classical music as a form of social control

The Paulpocalypse

Brian Doherty | February 24

A longtime Ron Paul watcher wonders if his CPAC victory is the dawn of a new age, or the beginning of the end

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