Air Greenland welcomes you to Maniitsoq

Maniitsoq is situated on an island on the west coast of Greenland, only a 45-minute flight from Kangerlussuaq and a 35-minute flight from Nuuk. In the summer there are flights to both towns on all weekdays and in the winter there are flights in connection with flights to and from Denmark. The town’s Greenlandic name can be translated to “The uneven” and the town is very hilly and surrounded by some of the highest mountains in West Greenland. Many of the more than 1000-metre high mountains have small glaciers on the top.

If you like outdoor life and activities, the area has many unique opportunities and challenges to offer. As the town is situated on an island, it is necessary to use a boat to get around the area. The tourist office and other tour operators can help you with a wide range of offers.

Catch Arctic charr – a real fighting fish
In the fjords and streams around Maniitsoq, there are enormous numbers of charr weighing 1-3 kg and even if you are not a skilled angler, you are almost guaranteed a catch from June to September. A self-caught, silvery Arctic charr steamed with local herbs over a fire of heather is almost worth a Michelin star. Add one more star for the view.

Through the skerries and deep-blue fjords in a kayak
There are good sea and hiking maps which indicate kayak routes, both short trips and trips stretching over several days where you spend the night outdoors on the way. At the tourist office you can choose between several types of kayak and kayaking clothes. You can also hire an experienced guide. And then it’s off you go! You could also chose to take a trip with a fast boat to the Evigheds Fjord where the glacier practically tips down the sides of the high mountains. Or you could take a boat trip to one of the municipality’s small settlements. 

World-class heli-skiing
Grab your gear and jump into one of Air Greenland’s small helicopters. Pick your very own mountain top on the map and if the pilot and the guide think it’s safe, you’re off to the top. It’s downhill from there, through the finest powder snow with the bonus of a terrific view of the blue fjords. All the way down at the bottom your helicopter is waiting, ready for the next lift.

If you want to ski cross-country, the Apussuit Glacier provides plenty of opportunities. One hour’s boat trip from Maniitsoq, a little walking and then a snow mobile ride to the top of the mountain where there is an, albeit somewhat primitive, cabin camp and several hundreds of square kilometres of super snow.

Maniitsoq (JSU)

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