The Criteria for the Official Martial Arts Hall of Fame

      The Martial Arts Hall of Fame is the only hall recognized by the Martial Arts History Museum. The following is the criteria for nomination and induction into the Hall of Fame:

     1. The artist must have studied the martial arts for at least 25 years
     2. The artist must have made some type of historical contribution to the martial arts.
         (for example: Gene LeBell was the key driving force in exposing judo to Western
          society. Al Dacascos was one of the first individuals to introduce kung fu into
          both tournament forms and fighting. S. Henry Cho was not only one of the first
          to bring Korean karate to the East U.S., but also runs one of the longest running
          tournaments in America. Jackie Chan was one of the first martial artist/actors
          to change America's view of martial arts by adding comedy to his films and
          encourage a whole generation to take martial arts. This is not a popularity
          contest, but based solely on historical impact to the whole community.
There are many great individuals in the martial arts community and are deserving
          of praise, however, to be considered for the Hall, their impact must be felt by the
          whole martial arts community.
      3. The previous Hall of Famers are asked to submit ONLY 1 INDIVIDUAL for nomination.
          Up to 10 individuals will be inducted each year.
      4. To make a suggestion for consideration of a future Hall member, please contact
          one of the previous Hall members. DO NOT CONTACT THE MUSEUM. It is these
          up to these individuals to nominate the inductees, not the Museum.

The Funakoshi Award
      The Funakoshi Award, also called the Contributor's Award, is the highest honor given to
      an individual by the Museum president himself. This award is bestowed to that person who
      has given more of themselves for the community or for the museum. The Funakoshi
      Award began in 2002 and carries the distinction of being considered an actual part of the
      Museum Hall of Fame.





     A Hall of Fame Award  worthy of distinction