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Saturday, March 06, 2010, 15:00

Wenger - Why I won't give Ramsey return date

By Nick Teale
Arsène Wenger is "very optimistic" about Aaron Ramsey's recovery but says it would be wrong to estimate when the midfielder will be back in action.
Yesterday the Frenchman told Arsenal TV Online that it was too early to set a date for the Welshman to return.
At today's pre-Burnley press conference the manager was again asked precisely how long Ramsey would be out for and replied by explaining exactly why he hasn't put a timescale on the injury.
"There are many steps to go through when a player comes back from an injury like that," he said.

"We are very optimistic, but if I say he will be back on July 15 [for example], and he does not play, then it will be a big mental blow to Aaron.

"We leave it open and hope he will be back as soon as possible, but it is very difficult to say on a definite day he will be back."
Wenger added that Ramsey was suffering mentally after sustaining such a bad injury at an important stage of his career. However, there was good news regarding Aaron's condition.
"Physically he is as well as you can be when you have a broken leg," said the manager. "The first signs are good.
"Mentally he is very down of course. It is difficult to take, he was just coming into the team on a regular basis. He is quite down. We will give him all the support we can and gradually he should come up.

"I believe that on our side we have made one decision to support Aaron Ramsey as much as we can and then continue to promote the values that are important for the Club and football."

"All the rest is to go into unneeded controversy. I don't see how that can help football or Aaron Ramsey."

[Friday, March 05, 2010]

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