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Beyond petroleum

Three images: Wind turbine blades, two people working in labratory, two people in front of platform
‘Beyond petroleum’ sums up our brand in the most succinct and focused way possible. It’s both what we stand for and a practical description of what we do
We take concrete actions to push traditional boundaries and meet the challenges of our time in a sustainable way. ‘Beyond petroleum’ is shorthand for what we do:
  • exploring, developing and producing more fossil fuel resources to meet growing demand
  • manufacturing, processing and delivering better, more advanced products
  • enabling the material transition to a lower carbon future
It doesn’t mean we’re abandoning oil and gas, getting out of hydrocarbons, or focusing only on alternative energy. It means we’re at the heart of all these areas, ensuring we can supply the world with energy now and far into the future.

Our advertising brings this to life with examples of going beyond in our business activities.
Oil rig against sky at dusk

What we do

We find, extract and move oil and gas - we're also generating low carbon energy

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