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Happy World Nude Day, or as it's known at my house, Friday.

February 6, 3:46 PMSF Stay-at-Home Moms ExaminerGretchen Lancour
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Happy World Nude Day! Thank you New Zealand for declaring February 6th, 2009 an odd little celebration of the human form in its natural state. (Warning: the link includes nudity. Duh.)

However, as most parents can tell you, everyday is Happy World Nude Day for the toddler/preschool set. I’m not sure if this formula works for every small child, but at our house small boy + nudity + just stepped out of the bathtub = run free squealing and giggling until an adult catches you and carries you off to be diapered and pajama’ed.

If I could bottle and sell the unbridled joy that fuels the naked toddler romp I’d be one rich mama, but I’ll have to settle for being rich with the laughter and happiness that come from seeing my cute little nudist racing down the hallway and bouncing on the bed. It’s a better kind of rich.

The World Nude day people are having a contest. If you’re willing to submit to them a video of yourself doing something interesting or comical in the nude you could win $10,000 in USD gold. Good luck, and Happy World Nude Day.




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