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The Anthro Dragoness

She's been floating around the offices for a long time now, but until recently, she's been too shy to actually come out of hiding and get to know people. After much convincing, Janine, the Anthro Dragoness, has finally shared herself with the world!

At first she was hesitant, but Duke, her mate, convinced her that she would be doing the world a favor if she came in to make a toy based off her wonderful pussy, after all, we all know what kind of things Duke himself had to put her through as an application for a job with BD. Many nights were dedicated to the testing and examination of BD's first ever Female toy.

Now, after much market research and innovative technology, we found we could make her better, more textured, and more durable! So, you may pass her in the halls, you may see her at the company parties, but with any luck, you can take her home with you and have all the fun you want, with no strings attached!

The new Anthro Dragoness has been updated with some new features to satisfy even the insatiable, but in the interest of fairness, all dragonesses are the same color and firmness (for now), to ensure that everyone can get their toy in due time.

1 - All Anthro Dragonesses are a sky blue, as seen in the images presented.
2 - All Anthro Dragonesses are in the same firmness of silicone.
3 - All Anthro Dragonesses have a rippled, ridged inside texture, meant to emulate the feeling of the real thing.
4 All Anthro Dragonesses are 7.5 inches long, so it can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, regardless of length or girth.

The Anthro Dragoness will be available for 150 dollars plus shipping and handling. As an added bonus, those who ordered an Anthro Dragoness Beta are eligible for a 25 dollar rebate as a special thanks for helping us out.

to redeem your rebate, just open up a ticket here with the order numbers to both your new order and your beta dragoness order, and we'll refund you your 25 dollars. Just be sure the email you used to order both are the same!

See this page for more information.

We will be selling the Anthro Dragoness in weekly batches of 100, to ensure that everyone can get their toys in a quick, timely manner, and to avoid backlog.

The Anthro Dragoness does not feature a warranty, however she is of extremely durable build and is expected to last a lifetime. We are investigating the possibility of a postumous warranty for all purchasers once we have determined how well she stands up to heavy daily use.

(Includes free 8oz /250ml bottle of Bad Dragon clear cum-lube).

If you're anxious about the toy, check out our first customer review, here!

Quantity:- out of stock -

Price: $ 150.00