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Mar 13, 2010
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Release Date: Oct 24, 2008

CMO showcases latest “green” and “innovative” LCD panels

<Oct 24, 2008, Tainan, Taiwan> CMO (Chi Mei Optoelectronics) will participate in FPD International 2008 from Oct 29 to 31, 2008, showcasing many new “green” and “innovative” products. Product lines on exhibition include panels for public displays, LCD TVs, desktop monitors, notebooks, special applications, medical displays and 3D displays. Products developed under the “green” theme mainly focus on “power saving, material saving and time saving”, also known as the “3S” concept. Exhibiting for the first time on a large scale is a complete range of 16:9 eco-friendly and energy-saving notebook panels using mercury-free LED backlighting, greatly saving energy by over 35% on the current average use. The “innovative” part of the exhibition covers high-growth innovative applications, including the world’s highest resolution (10.0-megapixel) 30” medical display panel and 55” large-size public display panel, and two proprietary innovative 3D display panels.

Panels for public displays
Optimistic about the application potential for LCD public display panels, CMO is showcasing for the first time a 55” FHD vertical billboard panel. With a brightness of 1500nits, which is three times higher than ordinary TV panels, and a contrast of 5000:1, it is suitable for use in information display services in various public spaces and for advertising and marketing purposes in commercial spaces.

LCD TV panels
CMO has the most complete line of FHD TV panel products in the industry, including 32”, 37”, 42”, 52”, 55” and 57”. In addition to building a complete FHD product line, CMO also endeavors to develop products that are eco-friendly. Both the 42” and 47” panels have been designed with energy, material and time saving features. Power performance is increased by approximately 40-50%, while the number of lamps used has been decreased by 30-40%. The number of driving parts used has been reduced by half with a single-scan driving scheme; and an integrated terminal system makes assembly and coordination easier, effectively reducing manpower and time spent on assembly.

In terms of thin form factor, CMO will showcase the world’s thinnest 42” CCFL LCD TV panel, which measures only 14mm thick, the world's largest (55”) and thinnest (9.9mm) panel with Local Dimming technology, and the mass-produced 42” 120Hz ultra-thin FHD panel (measuring only 19.8mm thick with 10mm narrow bezel). Not only does it offer high quality dynamic images but also facilitates the use of TV panels as part of the aesthetics of modern living.

Desktop monitor panels
Ever since setting the worldwide trend for 16:10 widescreen monitor panels, CMO has actively striven to be the first to develop 16:9 products, providing consumers with the optimal display platform to view digital content. A total of four 16:9 products will be showcased at the exhibition, including 23.6”, 21.6”, 18.5” and 15.6” models.

The 23.6” FHD panel (1920x1080) utilizes 120Hz technology. Compared to traditional 75Hz products, it displays moving pictures with greater clarity, making it suitable as a multipurpose multimedia display. The 21.6” is the world’s first multifunctional panel that features thin form factor, full HD and low power consumption. The 15.6” white LED panel, on the other hand, is energy saving (40% electricity saving over CCFL) and lighter and thinner than existing designs. Measuring only 10mm thick, it has a wide range of applications, from desktop or notebook computer, digital TV, digital photo frame to commercial display.

With the 16:10 specification, 22” RGB LED panel offers 105% color saturation, which is the highest amongst competing products. Backlight color temperature and brightness are easily controlled via the easy-to-operate digital interface of the RGB LED backlit liquid crystal module, facilitating system design.

Notebook panels
For the first time, CMO is showcasing on a large scale notebook panels that save energy by over 35% on the average. The entire series of 16:9 green energy-saving panels using LED backlight is available in eight sizes from 8.9” to 18.4” and offers resolution quality from HD, HD+ to FHD. Moving at a fast pace to incorporate mercury-free LED backlighting modules into its notebook panels, CMO expects to have the eco-friendly module in use throughout the entire product line in 2009.

The notebook panels will be showcased in five sizes, i.e. 18.4” FHD, 15.6”HD, 14”HD, 10.1” and 8.9”. Amongst them, 18.4” high color saturation panel combines RGB LED technology and dynamic backlighting module for precision rendition on 1920x1080 Full HD screen. The perfect fusion of various FHD signal sources creates 105% vibrant, saturated colors. The 15.6” panel, on the other hand, is easy to keep clean. The panel surface does not leave fingerprints and is easy to wipe clean, a convenient feature for consumer use. The thin design of the all in one PC further emphasizes its fashionable style. Utilizing CABC (Content Adaptive Backlight Control) technology, the 14” panel actively adjusts backlight brightness according to the images displayed, saving up to 35% power consumption on the average, which corresponds to the need of energy saving and carbon reduction.

Without losing sight of the netbook panel market, CMO has developed new 8.9” and 10.1” WSVGA panels, underlining CMO’s determination to make inroads into the mini book market and capitalizing on its potential strong growth.

Special application panels
This year, CMO is showcasing a series of widescreen display panels for industrial use, including the 7” WVGA for use in 2-DIN vehicle displays, 13.3” WXGA for use in portable display devices and 15.4” WXGA widescreen industrial displays. The 15.4” widescreen industrial display panel features wide temperature tolerance (-30~+80°C), high brightness (700nits), high color saturation (NTSC 60%) and high-speed response time (16ms). It caters to a diverse range of industrial settings, whether indoors or outdoors, and is considered the future trend in display panels for industrial use.

Furthermore, CMO will demonstrate its new sunlight readable technology. Enabling usage under bright sunlight, it increases the portability of devices.

Medical display panels
The medical display panel being showcased at the show is a 30” IPS panel with the world’s highest resolution of 10 megapixels. In addition to high resolution (4096x2560), high brightness (1200nits) and high contrast (1000:1), the use of a 10-bit driving scheme brings image quality closer to perfection. It is also specially designed to simultaneously display two vertical 5.0-megapixel images on the left and right side of the screen, allowing medical personnel to compare before- and after-treatment results, providing more accurate diagnosis of medical conditions.

3D display panels
Continuously developing new-generation 3D displays, CMO will showcase the 22” 120Hz 3D display and 47” large-size 3D display panel, providing more realistic and high resolution 3D entertainment. The only one of its kind worldwide, the 22” 120Hz 3D display utilizes time sequential control to render realistic and high resolution 3D effect. It also greatly improves on the problem of blurriness in moving pictures and games in conventional LCDs, demonstrating high clarity and smooth motion.

The 47” 3D display panel uses naked-eye 3D technology and CMO’s unique Quad-HD (2560x1440) ultra-high resolution 47” panel to achieve high definition 3D effects.